Are they stupid or are they evil? Pay attention, it matters.

Are they stupid or are they evil? Pay attention, it matters. By the Z-Man.

Last week the [US House of Representatives] passed an election “reform” bill.

The point of the bill is to nationalize the chaos and fraud we saw in many states during the last election. The game of “pallets of ballots” showing up in the middle of the night will become a 50-state phenomenon.

The Democrats think that because they have anathematized any discussion of election fraud, they can now institutionalize it at the national level.

The motivation for this is the salient question. Some argue that it is so they can win every election. This will give the Democrats and presumably the institutional Left absolute power. Others argue that the Left already has absolute power over the institutions, so the better explanation is ideology. They truly believe they are in a twilight struggle against the enemies of democracy. These reforms are part of the battle against the dark forces that allegedly subverted the 2016 election.

For most right-leaning people, the first answer is more pleasant, so it is the default option, even though the latter answer is more logical.

Right-leaning people have been conditioned to think about politics in practical terms, even though left-wing people view politics in partisan terms. Conservatives just cannot let go of the belief that people operate from material self-interest …

If you go back to the beginnings of conservatism, it started with the premise that the other side was irredeemably wicked.

If you watch Reagan’s speech on behalf of Barry Goldwater in 1964, Reagan sounded like he was talking about pure evil when he describes the politics of the Left. It is partisanship from the Right, in which he reduces politics to good guys and bad guys. More important, he excoriates his audience to be the good guys and be a partisan. That is the point of the speech.

This is the great challenge in fashioning an alternative to conservatism. The starting point must be that the Left, however defined, is unreasonable. There can be no bargain with them, because bargains are between reasonable parties. The point of right-wing politics is not defending the established order from left-wing attacks. The point of right-wing politics is to dispense with the moral distinction made by conservatives and focus on removing left-wing politics from society.

Either we remove them, or they will remove us — permanently. All that anti-white racism and painting conservatives as domestic terrorists is way too reminiscent of the period before that arch-leftie Adolf Hitler got into power (with the aid of Joseph Stalin at two crucial junctures, but that’s another story). The German Jews never saw it coming because it seemed so unthinkable. Not so, not to some people.