Meet #SuperStraight

Meet #SuperStraight. By Joel Abbott.

One of the biggest issues conservatives have faced in recent decades is a lack of control over shaping language.

See, everyone right of Marx believes in objective, scientific definitions. For example, a tree… is a tree. For the Left, however, a tree might not be a tree. A tree might be an animal. A man is a woman. An expensive death sentence is “affordable healthcare.” War is peace. Ignorance is strength. Now you begin to understand me.

This is how we’ve come to a point where most labels in mainstream culture are created by the politically-correct Left, whether it be “income equality,” “social justice,” “inclusion,” “cultural appropriation,” or “anti-racism.”

But with their destruction of meaning, the Left’s ideology that language (and reality) can be molded in whatever form you fancy is starting to backfire on them.

And so, after years of waiting, the Right has begun to parody the Left by playing their own stupid game. This led to the creation of two terms this week that began trending: “Superstraight” and “Blue Anon.”

The term “Superstraight” developed out of the increasing insistence that men must date trans women — which is a way of saying that biological men must date biological men who identify as a women — or else they are transphobic (I’m dead serious).

As a man, I am apparently hateful if I don’t want to date, marry, and be intimate with another biological male. The argument is that men should want to date both biological women and biological-men-identifying-as-women because the two are one and the same!

Don’t the left have a problem with reality! Ideological lefties are talking themselves into this? How dumb can they be?

In response, a bunch of people started identifying as “superstraight,” or a person who is only attracted to those biologically born and still identifying as the opposite sex from their own biological sex, period.  …

The reaction was beautiful.

The Wokies were immediately infuriated.

“You can’t just make up your own sexual and gender ideology!” they cried.

And of course, that lasted all of five milliseconds before their worldview imploded on itself.


The great thing is that you can add “super” to anything.

  • Don’t like the hierarchies of Marxist oppression in intersectionality? Try super-intersectionality, where you respect everyone at the smallest identity group: the individual!
  • Are people telling you to be antiracist? Then say you identify as super-antiracist, where you believe all ethnic groups are equally capable of racism, and it’s all bad!