Cancelled Tech Genius Behind Brave Preps the First New Search Engine

Cancelled Tech Genius Behind Brave Preps the First New Search Engine. By Daniel Greenfield.

You may remember Brendan Eich. He was the brilliant mind behind JavaScript who co-founded Mozilla, and then was forced out as an early victim of cancel culture over his religious views on traditional marriage. …

But Eich rebounded with Brave, a privacy-oriented browser. That’s not a unique idea, most alternative browsers to Google’s Chrome and whatever Microsoft is calling its browser this week, claim to offer privacy. …

Now Brave is announcing a new search engine.

Remember, there are only two actual big search engines (where there once used to be many), Google and Bing. Services like DuckDuckGo just serve up results from Bing while keeping you anonymous.

But Brave is touting not just a front for Bing results, but an actual index. That’s potentially huge. …

Google is not only relentlessly biased (the lefty monopoly has deliberately buried my articles in search results for about a year now), its core search engine business has become a massive database of spam. Its search results are inaccurate and its algorithms prioritize corporate sites, political agendas, and its own financial agendas… in reverse order.

A new search engine would be a revolution. An alternative to Google would be as thrilling as the return of Mozilla to challenge Microsoft’s browser back in the day. And it would make for more of a difference to a free internet.

If Brave becomes the epicenter of a browser that bypasses Big Tech control and a new search engine, that could liberate the internet.