What the Right Needs Now

What the Right Needs Now. By Paul Gottfried.

The swerving toward the cultural left by the new American administration and the forces that are supporting this direction reflect the impact of a largely uninterrupted process going back decades. …

To understand this radicalization, it is necessary to consider contributing causes. Perhaps near the top of this list, and a factor that is almost too obvious to mention, is the absence of significant resistance. If there is nothing consequential restraining those who are pushing society in a particular direction, it will continue to move along the same trajectory.

The media is key here. If the upper class media only transmit leftist ideas that benefits itself, how can contrary ideas gain a foothold? If no one hears any resistance, is there any? By censoring serious opposition out of the public conversation, it might as well not exist.

In most Western countries a powerful right-wing opposition no longer existed by the time that a leftist takeover was underway. The growing weakness of the right in relation to the left was not a one-way street; in essence, the right did not become weak simply because the other side grew strong.

One reason the left — or at least the non-right — rules in Western countries without effective opposition is that the other side has collapsed and, in some countries, like Canada, even vanished. Weakened conservatives in the U.S. have behaved in a cowardly fashion by engaging in periodic purges of their own ranks. And, as the left veers ever more leftward, particularly on social and cultural issues, conservatives further weaken themselves by eagerly embracing positions once held by their leftist counterparts.

The soi-disant right in the U.S. has made other mistakes since the 1960s. It has flinched repeatedly when the left smeared it as fascistic, racist, anti-Semitic, and chauvinistic. Additionally, this self-described conservative opposition has been all too ready to yield to leftist blackmail. It has therefore assumed a permanent defensive role, from which it has never fully extricated itself. Although conservatives were justified in distancing themselves from neo-Nazis and Klan members, they have also purged other, far less sinister collaborators in a frenzied attempt to avoid being attacked by the left. In the process they have become an opportunistic imitation of their accusers.

This generalization admittedly requires that exceptions be made. Monologues of Tucker Carlson, the anti-Biden investigations of the Australian columnist Miranda Devine, and several unabashedly pro-Trump websites furnish praiseworthy deviations from this rule of conformity. …

Fox News devotes millions of dollars every year to buying its own leftist commentators to set an example of civilized discourse with left. Although this openness to the left has helped enhance the careers of conservative media celebrities, it has done zero to strengthen the right in a losing battle against implacable foes. …

Some suggestions:

These would include halting immigration, defunding public education while refunding police forces, and abolishing all anti-discrimination laws, the effect of which has been to allow government administrators to bully American citizens who are white, Christian, heterosexual, and/or male.

We may also benefit from promoting effective electronic media that would permit us to escape leftist censors, and, yes, we should organize mass boycotts of companies that finance left-wing terrorism.

Some way must also be found to ensure only legal votes count in elections. There’s no way to control the left if it remains in a position to manipulate mailed-in votes and votes cast by people who provide no real identification. …

The important thing here is that conservative strongholds be allowed to survive and thrive outside the centralized leftist administrative state. If possible, we should drive this permanent ruling class from power. …

All on the non-left are merely dissidents now, no longer opposition:

It would be ridiculous to think that the ground the right or non-left has abandoned in the last 50 years can be reclaimed all at once. That is not the way the world works.