Women are already running Australia

Women are already running Australia. By Michael Smith.

Women get a good hearing in Parliament and the National Capital.

39 out of 76 Senators are women.

More than half.

Perhaps there’s room to grow in the lower house 46 out of 151 Members of the House of Reps are women – roughly 30%. …

3 of the 7 Justices of the Court are women.

59% of the Commonwealth public service are women. Women have actually dominated the public service in terms of numbers since 1999.

Women now outnumber men in the E1 senior Executive Level of the Public Service.

About 60% of university students are women.

Women tend to vote left compared to men, which accounts for some of the leftward movement in western politics in the last 50 years.

Since we are mentioning group IQs today:

IQ intelligence male female

The distribution of g (raw intelligence) in male and female populations. The scale of the horizontal axis is in units of the male standard deviation. Only 37% of humans with IQs over 120 (the bottom of managerial level) are female. As the threshold IQ moves up, the male-female gap only grows larger. Blame God.

So if 50% of executives were female then females would be over-represented — if IQ is important. (Perhaps it’s not, in these PC times? The quoted source above notes that 66% of public service managers in the US are female.)

For those who want to dig deeper, read about the inappropriately excluded.