Ron DeSantis Unveils Sweeping Statewide Effort to Address Chinese, Foreign Influence

Ron DeSantis Unveils Sweeping Statewide Effort to Address Chinese, Foreign Influence. By Hannah Bleau.

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) on Monday unveiled a sweeping effort to address Chinese influence in the state, calling the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) attempts to influence domestic and international affairs “one of the most pervasive threats to American Security and property.”

“For the last decade, the Communist Party of China has been meticulous and deliberate in their infiltration across the globe,” DeSantis said, explaining the CCP’s long-term goals and interests “are antithetical to the basic tenets of the American Republic.”

The CCP, DeSantis said, has made a mission of their global expansion of power to steal intellectual property from businesses, government, and academic institutions “all to further fuel their global objectives.” …

“With our proposal today, we will ensure that no such organization is able to gain a foothold in a Florida institution of higher education,” DeSantis said.

The proposal will require public institutions of higher education to report any gift of $50,000 more from a foreign government or a foreign person. .. Institutions that choose to conceal information, DeSantis warned, will pay 105 percent of the amount and give it to the state of Florida.

The next Trump? Donald Trump will be too old in 2024, is not as dynamic as he was, and is damaged goods in the eyes of many. The search is on for a replacement. Rob DeSantis is a front-runner, along with Mike Pompeo and maybe Tucker Carlson.

hat-tip Stephen Neil