California judge names homosexual male “throuple” as legal parents of 2 children

California judge names homosexual male “throuple” as legal parents of 2 children. By Jenny Mount.

A California judge has ruled in favor of three men being listed as the legal parents of two children born to surrogate mothers using donor eggs.

The two children who belong to the homosexual male “throuple” are half-siblings. One of the legal guardians, Ian Jenkins, has written about the throuple’s unorthodox relationship in the book, “Three Dads and a Baby.”


Katy Faust, founder of children’s rights organization Them Before Us and author of a book under the same title, said that media coverage is framing the three adult men as being victims of a system that did not make it effortless to acquire someone else’s children.

“Of course the real victims are the two motherless children who were intentionally separated from the woman who provided half of their genetic identity, the woman to whom they bonded during their first 9 1/2 months of life, and who will be starved of the daily maternal love that all children crave,” said Faust.

Faust explained that people should not be surprised by the newest manifestation of “modern family,” noting it was “the inevitable result of centering all legal and cultural conversations about family around the desires of adults.”

“That slippery slope of ‘if the adults are happy the children will be happy’ which began with no-fault divorce, normalized single mothers by choice, insisted gender is irrelevant to parenting during the gay marriage debate, is now championing male throuples raising motherless children”

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hat-tip Stephen Neil