Trump Derangement Symptom Replaced By Tucker Carlson Derangement Syndrome

Trump Derangement Symptom Replaced By Tucker Carlson Derangement Syndrome. By Robert McCain.

Ever since Carlson rode to the top of the heap at Fox News, he’s had a target on his back, and has manfully stood firm under the scrutiny. And by “scrutiny,” of course, I mean, relentless defamation.

Last summer, one of Carlson’s top writers got exposed as a Thought Criminal, and yet the departure of Blake Neff seemed to have no effect on Carlson’s performance. He never flinched, so to speak, and it must be driving his enemies crazy (or crazier, actually, since they were pretty much bonkers to begin with) that nothing they do seems to faze him. …

It’s all about the 2020 election. Democrats are feeling very insecure about their “victory”.

What lies at the heart of [Atlantic writer Megan Garber’s] grievance — other than the fact that Tucker Carlson hasn’t been banished from TV, deplatformed on social media, and generally silenced — is that millions of Americans don’t believe Joe Biden actually won the 2012 election. …

While I certainly do not claim to have specific proof that the presidential election was “rigged,” it seems to me ludicrous for liberals to claim it’s a “conspiracy theory” to doubt the outcome. And that’s what the liberal media’s endless blabbering about QAnon is really about. What they’re saying is, “See? These right-wing kooks believe this bizarre stuff about satanic cannibal pedophiles, which is just slightly more outrageous that believing that Biden didn’t win the election.”

QAnon, in other words, is a special breed of “squirrel.” On the one hand, calling attention to a kooky fringe belief distracts from the real issues surrounding the 2020 election (e.g., universal mail-in balloting as an avenue for fraud) while, on the other hand, it serves as a convenient smear to discredit anyone expressing skepticism toward the result. If it can be shown that some election skeptics are also into QAnon, then it is easy to imply that every election skeptic is a conspiracy theorist. …

Do you see how the rage at Tucker Carlson — from Megan Garber, from Brian Stelter, from every other liberal journalist inside whose head Carlson has been living rent-free for months — is driven by fear? If these liberals were really confident in the effectiveness of their influence, if they really believed they were capable of persuasion and that the facts were on their side, why would they care what Tucker Carlson says?

I don’t lose any sleep over the fact that millions of people watch Rachel Maddow. It doesn’t bother me that people I disagree with have TV shows with enormous audiences. As much as I despise the New York Times, I haven’t organized a campaign to get them kicked off Twitter.

What bothers Megan Garber is the haunting fear that most people aren’t really buying what she’s selling. Her fear about the Capitol “insurrection” has little to do with any actual crimes committed by the 800 or so people who trampled down the barricades on January 6. Her fear is based in the knowledge that there are tens of millions of Americans who, while they might not be willing to storm a police barricade, nonetheless have some basic sense of agreement with those who did. These tens of millions of law-abiding citizens might frown on the rowdiness of the mob that rioted at the Capitol, but they harbor profound doubts about the legitimacy of Biden’s election.

Garber knows this, and she realizes that it is basically impossible to overcome those doubts. There is no way you’re ever going to convince me that the vote total in Fulton County, Georgia, was legit, and I know that there are many millions who would say the same thing.

US democracy is broken. The putative winners are making no attempt to convince or persuade us that the election was fair. No investigations, no scrutiny, no discussion. Only name calling and censoring of those who doubt the result.

Name ONE time in human history when the group trying to censor speech were the good guys.

And they know it.