Democrats move as school of fish, in tune with the mainstream propaganda

Democrats move as school of fish, in tune with the mainstream propaganda. By John Hinderaker. From a recent survey:

These were the Democrats’ top concerns among the questions that were unique to them:

These responses are, I think, mostly delusional.

Eighty-two percent of Democrats are “extremely concerned” or “very concerned” about “Donald Trump’s supporters”? What, all 74 million of them?

And 79 percent are extremely or very concerned about “white nationalism.” What, exactly, is white nationalism? There was a black nationalism movement some years ago that advocated a separate polity for blacks. There is no such movement today advocating a separate polity for whites. If you ever run across a white nationalist, let me know. I would like to meet one someday.

“Systemic racism,” which translates as “nonexistent racism.”

“Domestic terrorism,” by which I don’t think they mean Antifa.

“Voter suppression.” What voter suppression? This is sheer fantasy.  …

Note how hypothetical most of these supposedly urgent issues are. How many Democrats who expressed grave concerns have any experience of white nationalism, racism, domestic terrorism, voter suppression, etc.? Hardly any. Respondents are basically parroting Democratic Party talking points that are far removed from pretty much everyone’s reality.

These are Republicans’ responses to questions that were asked only of them. There aren’t any surprises here. I would simply point out that they reflect, in my view, real-world issues. White nationalism may be a phantom, but high taxes are a reality:

The left believe their PC fantasies. They have to, or they get socially ostracized or risk professional penalty. Poor deluded tyrants.