Democrats’ ‘Equality Act’ prioritizes sexual preference over religion

Democrats’ ‘Equality Act’ prioritizes sexual preference over religion. By Micah Curtis.

Why is sexual orientation more important than faith?

All three Abrahamic religions have very strict definitions of marriage and gender. All three state that marriage is between a man and a woman, and that God created man and woman in his own image. Each religion believes that there is a purpose to these decrees, and that those purposes are divine.

In the United States, religious people are protected by the government by the First Amendment. This allows freedom of practice and freedom of association, so that people can still be gay or transgender, but it doesn’t force a religious person to accept the way you live at all.

The Equality Act, was passed by the House of Representatives on Thursday.

The depth of feeling experienced by many was articulated by Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, who said of the Equality Act, “We are witnessing the greatest assault on religious freedom, biological reality, and parental rights ever seen in the US Congress. The sweeping Equality Act expands the definition of ‘public accommodation’ in many instances to include churches and schools — including religious schools. The bill redefines what it means to be ‘male and female.’ It politicizes medicine and forces doctors to violate their consciences. And it redefines religious freedom into something that would be unrecognizable to our Founding Fathers.

On a personal note, I don’t have an issue with gay marriage being legal. Just because the Bible states that something is a sin doesn’t mean that a government should outlaw it. The same argument can be made for alcohol, smoking and even prostitution. However, the key thing that needs to be remembered is that we all have freedom of association. If a pastor, rabbi or an imam wants to turn down a marriage proceeding based on their beliefs, they should be able to. No one has a right to their service. …

To turn things around on its head, if I walked into a trans-owned barbershop for a haircut and the owner asked me to leave because of the cross tattoo on my arm, they should have the right to do so. Ultimately, the decision of association should be left up to an individual. By trying to pass this law, the Democrats show that they don’t give a damn about property rights, religious rights or anything of the sort. At this point, maybe they should salute the rainbow flag instead of the American one.

7 Radical Demands in the Equality Act, by Susan Berry.

House Democrats have passed the radical Equality Act once again, claiming it will merely amend federal civil rights law to ensure sexual orientation and gender identity are protected classes, even though the Constitution already provides protection for the rights of all American citizens, regardless of their “identity group.”

If enacted, however, the Equality Act would have a major impact on children and their parents, potentially upending the culture as American families now know it. …

Below are seven radical demands in the Equality Act: …

1. The bill would end the federal legal recognition of complementary male and female sex in favor gender identity.

2. The bill would eliminate the traditional right to privacy of women and girls in public facilities, in favor, instead, of gender identity. …

3. The Equality Act would eviscerate women’s and girls’ sports. …

4. The Equality Act would be used to mandate school curricula that affirm and promote sexual orientation and gender identity views.

5. The Equality Act would be used to remove custody rights from parents who refuse to have their minor children undergo transgender medical interventions and procedures.

6. Since the Equality Act exempts itself from the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, religious schools, hospitals, and adoption agencies could face federal sanctions for upholding their teachings with regard to life, sexuality, and marriage under the legislation.

7. The Equality Act’s text that names a form of “discrimination on the basis of pregnancy” would be used to punish healthcare providers who refuse to perform an abortion or to outlaw policies that ban funding for the procedure.


So you could lose custody of your children if you refuse to permit your child to be able to change their gender.

So the churches can’t teach or instruct, then what are they allowed to do. The Democrats are evil.

This will please the sexual revolutionaries, but most people will not be happy with this.

This is big government barging into the bedroom, the girl’s change room, the churches and synagogues, the parent-child relationship, and many other places that government does not belong.

hat-tip Stephen Neil, Charles