Poll: Nearly 16% of Generation Z Identify as LGBT

LGBT Recruitment Drive Succeeding Wildly. By Steve Sailer.

Nearly 16% of Generation Z identify as LGBT.

It’s not mature adults finally developing the courage to come out of the closet that’s behind this 60% increase in the share of the public identifying as LGBT from 2012 to 2020, it’s recruitment of fresh meat young bodies.

Transgender and the bisexual catch-all are up dramatically among the young and vulnerable. …

It’s not hard to get adolescent girls to go along with the latest social fads, like dressing emo two decades ago. But back then there wasn’t an Emo Rights movement that got Emo Identity written into the laws. So if in 2001 dad switched the car radio from Marilyn Manson to Chopin, the daughters couldn’t call in government social workers as vengeance. But now if you are overheard referring to your daughter as “she,” you can be in big trouble with the Law.

How trendy! How unsustainable!

Sex researchers point out that historically the proportion of males into homosexuality rarely exceeds 5% because the disease load simply gets too great. Maybe modern medicine can push that barrier back, and usher in a more intense age of selfies. Doesn’t the bible have stories about this sort of thing?


Rome 376 AD.

hat-tip Stephen Neil