In defence of motherhood

In defence of motherhood. By The Australian’s Editorial Board.

Slowly but surely the thought and speech police are pushing the bounds of equality further into the realm of misogyny.

The politics of offence has become offensive to what has been a bedrock of civilised society, the nurturing, protection and celebration of motherhood. If culture lives in language, the full-frontal assault now being waged against the natural order of childbirth and motherly affection posits a bleak future for Western civilisation.

The latest example of censure … comes from the UK parliament …. There are no pregnant women in the bill, only pregnant persons. Women in Britain also have lost their right to breastfeed, they must now chest-feed, lest they offend transgender parents who no longer want to be considered female despite having given birth. Acceptance of difference has become a tyranny of conformity.

The co-opting of maternity leave legislation by politically correct language police has outraged members of the House of Lords. The push is part of a bigger movement to delegitimise the status of women generally. Self-identification is sufficient for anyone, regardless of gender, to be admitted to women’s hospital wards and single-sex jails.

California Bill Would Fine Stores $1,000 for Having Separate Boys and Girls Sections, by Matt Margolis.

“Brick-and-mortar shops would have to display the majority of their products and clothing aimed at children in one undivided, unisex area on the sales floor,” reports Reason. “They’d also be barred from putting up signage that would indicate whether a product was intended for a boy or girl.” …

Stores that dare to keep dresses in a separate girls’ section would be subject to a $1,000 fine. The policy would only apply to stores with over 500 employees.

Right on, trendy lefties. Fixing the world, one important problem after another.