Democrats Move to Silence Non-Liberal Speech

Democrats Move to Silence Non-Liberal Speech. By John Hinderaker.

On paper, the Democrats have a tenuous hold on power in Washington. Their president is a cipher with severely diminished mental capacities, the Senate is a 50-50 tie, and they hold the narrowest House majority in decades. Nevertheless, the Democrats see what could be a once in a lifetime opportunity, and are pressing forward with their most radical agenda since they seceded in 1861.

Among other things, the Democrats are trying to repeal, in effect, the First Amendment, by barring conservative speech — or, rather, speech that is not consistently left-wing–from the public square.

We have seen this in the moves against conservatives and other independent voices by Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Go Fund Me and other tech titans. While these companies are no doubt motivated in part by ideology in putting their thumbs on the scale of public discourse, the truth is more sinister than that.

The major tech platforms are monopolies with obvious antitrust vulnerabilities, as we saw when the Trump administration brought an enforcement action against Facebook that seeks the divestiture of Instagram. The Democrats have not only urged tech platforms to silence conservatives, they are at least implicitly (God knows what is said in private) holding out the prospect of immunity from antitrust enforcement, which means many billions more in profits. This is the ultimate in 21st-century corruption. …

I have been following politics closely for more than five decades, and the Democratic Party’s war on freedom of speech is the most sinister thing I have witnessed in that time. What is truly chilling is how few Democrats are willing to stand up for freedom. I know of three: Tulsi Gabbard, Matt Taibai and Glenn Greenwald. Kudos to them, but it is shocking that not a single current Democrat office-holder is, as best we can tell, in favor of free speech. We are facing an existential threat to our traditional liberties.

It’s the public-private partnership, now that the lefts control the public institutions after their long march.

  • The public institutions controlled by the left enrich the companies that support the left, allowing them them juicy monopolies, tax breaks, and a favorable judicial climate.
  • The private companies help the left in power by banning opposing speech, turning the media in to a leftist cheer squad, etc.

Both sides do what is illegal for the other. Everyone in the globalist elite benefits! Technically legal!