There shouldn’t be a double standard for law & order

There shouldn’t be a double standard for law & order. By Miranda Devine.

In his confirmation hearing Monday, attorney general nominee Merrick Garland plans to tell the Senate his priority is domestic terrorism, and that he personally will supervise the prosecution of what he calls “white supremacists” who stormed the Capitol.

It is disturbing that Garland is embracing the rancid lie that the Capitol riot was racially motivated, an uprising by “white supremacists” which rivalled the Islamist terror attack of 9/11 in which 3,000 people were slaughtered.

This is Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s narrative, which she has driven with escalating hyperbole until it no longer resembles anything that happened on January 6. …

Almost everyone arrested around the country remains in jail over the riot, even if they committed no violence, have no criminal record, have stable jobs, are retirees or a mother and son duo.

The only person released without bail is a left-wing anti-Trump activist, John Sullivan, who prosecutors say encouraged the violence that day, and was rewarded with $75,000 by CNN and NBC for his video footage.

The aim is to bankrupt and destroy Trump supporters, most of whom can’t afford the legal fees. While top DC law firms raced to defend Guantanamo Bay inmates pro bono, the Capitol rioters are on their own. …

No one in Trump-world has offered to contribute to their legal fees from the millions of dollars his PAC collected after the election. …

Most BLM-Antifa rioters were released without bail and had charges dropped.

In New York more than 400 rioters and looters arrested in June were freed without bail.

In Washington DC, in June, almost everyone charged with felony rioting was released from jail and later had the charge dropped.

In Pennsylvania, when one judge set bail for rioters at $1 million, he was intimidated into reversing the decision after a mob marched on his house. …

In Minneapolis, where it all began, anti-cop rioters were rewarded, as they were in New York, when the city council voted to defund the police. The city since has descended into hell of crime and disorder.

As for Portland, Oregon, charges were dropped for 90 percent of rioters arrested in September’s anti cop violence. One 23-year-old charged with attempted murder, arson, possession of a destructive device, and rioting was released on a $1,000 bond. …

Equality under the law has vanished.

Fine. If Biden has decided we are to become a zero-tolerance law and order nation, there are advantage in a crime-free society if you don’t mind writing off everyone who makes a mistake.

But in reality, we are doing the opposite, creating a two-tier justice system that punishes only the political enemies of the left.

It’s as if the Dems want to create a class of people with nothing to lose.

Selective enforcement is discrimination.