The Decline of the West: American Education Surrenders to ‘Equity’

The Decline of the West: American Education Surrenders to ‘Equity’. By Philip Girandi.

Public education in the United States, if measured by results, has been producing graduates that are less competent in language skills and dramatically less well taught in the sciences and mathematics since 1964, when Scholastic Aptitude Test scores peaked. …

Many schools in the United States have ceased issuing grades that have any meaning, or they have dropped grading altogether, which means there is no way to judge progress or achievement. National test scores for evaluating possible college entry are on the way out almost everywhere as they are increasingly being condemned as “racist” in terms of how they assess learning based solely on the fact that blacks do less well on them than Asians and whites.

This has all been part of an agenda that is being pushed that will search for and eliminate any taint of racism in the public space.

The new world order for education is built around the concept of “equity,” sometimes described as using the public education system to “ensure equitable outcomes.” …

It penalizes the good student to make sure that the bad student is somehow pushed through the system and winds up with the same piece of paper.

A world that equalizes the outcomes for two groups with different abilities is a world of low achievement and failure, where merit has been abandoned and abysmal standards are accepted. It’s a corrupt, dishonest approach.

Critical Race Theory … proposes that all of America’s governmental bodies and infrastructures are racist and supportive of “white supremacy” and must be deconstructed. …

At the elite Dalton private school in New York … a core of radicalized Dalton faculty members … signed on to an “anti-racism manifesto” which demanded that the school “hire 12 full-time diversity officers, abolish high-level academic courses if Black students’ performance isn’t on par with White students’, and require anti-racism ‘statements’ from all members of the staff.” …

And please don’t expect the Joe Biden administration to do anything to save it. They are on the side of the wreckers.

Critical race theory is killing the USA. Perhaps this stupidity will be confined to the US, because the rest of the West don’t have a large black population … yet.

Phillip Barton:

Whenever I despaired of the world, there was always the good ol’ US of A.

What is happening is a tragedy.