Looking Forward as the West Declines

Looking Forward as the West Declines. By Srdja Trifkovic.

Hitler’s … self-deceptions were believed with such firmness that, by mid-1944, Field Marshal Erwin Rommel concluded that the Führer was living in a Wolkenkuckucksheim (“cloud cuckoo land”). …

The establishment Right, both in Europe and the U.S., … still assert that we live in an imperfect yet improvable world in which the West is dominant and has the energy to reinvent itself.

The luminaries at Heritage Foundation, their Euro-doubles, and assorted believers in civic nationalism reject all evidence that the Western world is declining vis-à-vis its global competitors, still advocating legislative solutions to civilizational challenges.

For Conservative Inc., any warning that Western power is but a façade which conceals rot and weakness is paleo-reactionary propaganda and unpatriotic defeatism.

On the other hand, for over a century — at least since Oswald Spengler’s Decline of the West was published in 1918 — there have been warnings by philosophers, political scientists, theologians and others, mainly disbelievers in “progress” and the improvability of man, that our civilization is in peril. They make use of a massive body of evidence to point out that we live in abnormal times, characterized by the collapse of moral norms and civilizational standards on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. The malaise is strikingly augmented in our own time by the metastatic growth of Weiningerian self-hatred throughout the Western world.

Over the past year the U.S. sociopolitical system’s crisis has acquired a mature form, with increasingly frequent outbursts of acute dysfunctionality. The process is manifested primarily in the legitimization of violence, debasement of the “democratic process,” imposition of crude forms of censorship, and criminalization of words and actions unacceptable to the Beltway regime and its cohorts in the media, Big Tech, the academe, and Hollywood. …

On the eastern side of the Atlantic, much of Europe is being transformed culturally and demographically into a gross caricature of its former self. …

The Old Continent is increasingly populated by aliens physically residing in Berlin, Toulon, or Leeds, but spiritually in Anatolia, Punjab, or the Maghreb. They are often desperate to get to Europe, but once established there they want to replicate the cultural environments of their unpleasant native lands in their new abode. Full of scorn for the hosts’ cultural Marxist professions of “tolerance” and “diversity,” their disdain is unappeased by groveling concessions.

Today’s “United Europe” is light years away from the civilized and, on the whole, decent community of nations which existed before 1914. …

The phenomenon’s key feature is the detachment of the new professional-managerial elites — lawyers, media commentators, academic experts, think-tank analysts, financial planners, etc. — from traditional, naturally emerging communities. This new elite exists in the abstract world of manipulating information inputs and figures. It generates a new, strongly ideological form of political discourse which is based on secularism, moral and cultural relativism, and its members’ rejection of any sense of attachment to the wider community. …

In short, members of the Western elite class know no loyalty to country or nation. They seek a peculiar end of history in the transformation of deracinated and brainwashed hoi polloi into a postmodern sociotechnological system regulated by themselves. Their edifice rests on the dictum that countries do not belong to the people who have inhabited them for generations, but to all who happen to be within their boundaries at a given moment.

Enlightened persons must not feel a bond for any group except for allegedly underprivileged minorities. Accordingly, they actively promote self-destruction and encourage self-hate of Caucasians and demonize all white male heterosexuals. They seek the final blending of races, genders, and the burgeoning array of sexual preferences into a pliable melange ruled by Dr. Talbott’s Single Global Authority.

Is recovery still possible?

The Founding Fathers overthrew the colonial government for offenses far lighter than these. It is possible that a reversal will happen even at this late stage. The model for recovery probably requires a catastrophic event: a rapidly spreading global crisis perhaps, combining financial meltdown and a truly deadly pandemic. The predictable failure of the regime to manage such a calamity would force millions of people to reconsider their lives and beliefs.

The first victim would be the notion of “progress.” The changeover from the insidious notion of “the right side of history” to the upholding of tradition, from the obsessive becoming back to being, this is the key change to our recovery. The normal, “nuclear” family would be rebuilt as the essential survival unit. Amidst collapsing political structures and lost faith in politics, the current ideological obsessions of our rulers will be rejected as absurd. People bonded by blood, memory, culture and faith will regroup to stay alive and pray to one God.

hat-tip Stephen Neil