Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s book ‘Prey’ is uncomfortable for a West that can’t admit its issues with Islamic migration

Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s book ‘Prey’ is uncomfortable for a West that can’t admit its issues with Islamic migration. By Damian Wilson.

The author, refugee and former Dutch MP says Islam’s treatment of women is eroding their rights as aggressive young male asylum seekers fail to integrate in their host countries and import the brutal misogyny of their homelands.

Across the world, Muslim men keep their wives locked indoors, so much so that some suffer a vitamin D deficiency. …

She explores the reality that in the religion of Islam, women are not considered equal to men. They are the chattels to be owned. Why else would a man wish to have multiple wives? It is like those millionaires who own garages full of cars. Look at me, look what I can afford, look how many cars/wives/racehorses I have. …

As Hirsi Ali is at pains to point out, this is not a viewpoint driven by race. It is about religion and how many men, in particular, see the role of women within that ideology.

It is about how deeply conservative Muslim attitudes are being exported to Europe from places such as Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq by men who are claiming asylum and how this is turning European neighbourhoods into men-only no-go zones for women as their failure to integrate creates an intimidating environment for females.

Those truths are not politically correct:

Prey was awarded a hostile reception by the New York Times, that seething cauldron of identity politics where staff seem to devote more time to spying on one another and writing letters demanding colleagues be sacked for infringing upon the unwritten rules of their paralysingly woke work space than doing anything of substance.

In a vicious hit-piece, writer Jill Filipovic plays the (wo)man and not the ball, concentrating on Hirsi Ali’s personal story in her attempt to undermine the author’s motives and mistakenly citing opinions that are never expressed.

Most significant of these include Filopovic’s claim that, “Hirsi Ali suggests scrapping the current asylum program, which offers safe harbor to those facing persecution.

Err, no she didn’t. What she did say was, “The global asylum and refugee system is no longer fit for its stated purpose. As a beneficiary of that system, I do not make such a statement lightly. But the reality is that this outdated asylum system can no longer cope with the challenges posed by mass violence and global migration today.”

As Hirsi Ali commented herself on Twitter, this is all too typical of the way the left now conducts itself in the United States. First the big lie and then the repetition.

But I digress. And this is what I mean, by pulling at the threads of issues on the edge of Hirsi Ali’s argument, and distracting readers from what she is saying, the liberals hope to unravel the work to its very core.

It’s war and our elite are too blinded by their political correctness to even notice. (Or perhaps they only pretend not to notice, because it is the lower and middle class who are the victims?)

As Hirsi Ali says, the liberal view is that asylum seekers from failed states arrive at their new host country as blank slates, ready to absorb the values of Western democracy, along with the way we treat one another. This is plainly wrong. …

The liberal media loves to fantasise that every war zone asylum seeker is a highly-trained neurosurgeon or quantum physicist who will slide effortlessly into his adopted homeland’s top social strata using his fluent German, English or French. This is not the reality. …

Only 19.8 percent of adult British Muslims had a full-time job in 2017. The more observant, the less able to integrate. 

This reinforces what the author calls “parallel societies” and further acts as a barrier to integration. …

Hirsi Ali looks at the string of grooming gangs composed of mainly first and second generation migrant men that operated across Britain and were subject to a 2014 report that found the vast majority – 84 percent – were Asians with Arabic backgrounds, that is, Muslims. …

As Hirsi Ali insists, it is impossible that this has only occurred in Britain and evidence of similar activity has surfaced in Sweden and the Netherlands, where authorities had never heard of the UK grooming gangs. There is an alarming deficit of information sharing so the global picture of this vile practice is missing many pieces.

As the British report found, the local authorities and police were quick to blame the young girls, often turning a blind eye in order to prevent confrontation with the local Muslim community. In court, the men viewed their victims as worthless objects “that they could sexually misuse and cast aside.” …

Hirsi Ali’s suggestions:

The current rule is that a refugee should not be returned to a homeland in which their life may be in danger. That rules out just about every deportation to Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and beyond. It’s too easy to exploit and needs to be changed.

More immediate would be to call out — without fearing attack as a bigot, racist or Islamophobe — the misogyny, the sexism and the inhumanity of ignoring womens’ rights from the Muslim ghettos of European cities to the glittering towers of the Middle East. Turn things on their head and think first of basic human freedoms not of cultural offence.

hat-tip Stephen Neil