As China’s Big Tech Hits America, Biden Signals Surrender

As China’s Big Tech Hits America, Biden Signals Surrender. By Gordon Chang.

There is no greater danger than that posed by Huawei Technologies, the world’s largest manufacturer of communications networking gear.

The Trump administration moved hard against the company. “We have prohibited subsidized Huawei gear from our networks, and we have worked with our allies abroad to ensure that the Communist Party’s spy gear is not welcome in their networks either,” the senior Republican commissioner on the Federal Communications Commission, Brendan Carr, said to Gatestone. …

Companies are now hoping that Biden’s Commerce Department will reverse Trump-era blocks on sales to Huawei. The administration just granted 90-day extensions to companies to appeal the Trump-era actions. …

Huawei poses a mortal threat to the U.S. economy. Beijing has been using the company for malign purposes, such as stealing data. … Huawei is Beijing’s “mechanism for spying, ” as Senator Marsha Blackburn told Fox News in July 2019.

China, with control of 5G — the fifth generation of wireless communication — will be in a position in peacetime to spy and remotely manipulate the world’s smartphones, cars, pacemakers, thermostats, and a multitude of other devices connected to what is referred to as the “Internet of Things.” In times of war, Beijing could paralyze critical infrastructure.

Huawei, built on stolen U.S. technology, is fast becoming the world’s 5G provider. The Chinese party-state has been subsidizing the sale of Huawei’s equipment and otherwise promoting its products ever since Ren founded the company in 1987.

There are various strategies for meeting China’s 5G challenge, but the most effective one is to cripple Huawei. The Trump administration took steps to do so, but now the Biden administration looks as if it is on the verge of propping the company up.

America should be putting Huawei out of business, not supporting its efforts to injure U.S. allies, partners, and friends, not to mention America itself.

A Trojan horse of subsidized high tech goodies.

Philip Barton:

Now is the time for Biden to dance to his master’s tune.

Something similar is happening in Australia too:

Chinese Communist Party branches are embedded inside some western corporates and western government agencies: