Uncanny parallels between post-Jan. 6 in America and the CCP political campaigns of yesteryears

Uncanny parallels between post-Jan. 6 in America and the CCP political campaigns of yesteryears. By Sinoinsider.

The CCP elite uses political campaigns to consolidate power and “normalize” communist rule over China. In most political campaigns, the Party designates a segment of the population as the enemy (“counter-revolutionaries,” “capitalist roader,” etc.), then relies on propaganda organs to set the new political reality and acceptable discourse.

Through indoctrination or intimidation, the rest of the population is made to struggle against the demonized segment lest they are struggled against. Struggle against the demonized involves violence, public humiliation, economic persecution (firing people from jobs), and death.

The Chinese people are encouraged to report on those who belong to the enemy class, even if it means betraying family and friends. Those who fail to stay “politically correct” are at risk of being lumped in with the “class enemies” and persecuted. …

In the course of a political campaign, the CCP redefines morality, reconstitutes truth and falsehoods, and rebuilds society from the ground up. Successful political campaigns leave the Party with an even stronger grip on power and society, and a “rectified” population that is simultaneously in fear and awe of the communist regime. …

The Party did not stop at rhetoric. Today, a million or more Uyghurs are incarcerated in industrial-size detention facilities in Xinjiang, where, following their political and social ostracization by the Party media, they have been subjected to brainwashing “re-education” adopted from the Falun Gong campaign, as well as torture, rape, and slave labor. Falun Gong adherents suffer similar brutal persecution, and comprise the bulk of the prisoners of conscience in China whose organs have been forcibly harvested. In Communist China, divisive, vilifying rhetoric is always a prelude to tragedy. …

Now coming to the USA:

The establishment is promoting one accepted way to view the Capitol riots in the face of evidence challenging that view, and is designating as enemies the segment of the American population that supports former President Donald Trump or expresses skepticism about the outcome of the 2020 election.

The current political climate has prompted people to report their family and friends to the authorities — the FBI received more than 100,000 such tips, according to the Washington Post

Perhaps more disturbing is the establishment’s drive to label one segment of Americans as “domestic extremists” and “political cult members.” … There is little indication that the Biden-Harris administration is acting on the “domestic war on terror” exhortations of former intelligence officials or the establishment media, at least at the time of writing. Yet President Joe Biden did promise to confront and defeat “political extremism, white supremacy, [and] domestic terrorism” in his inaugural address, while remaining vague on their definitions.

Moreover, the current toxic political climate and authoritarian turn in America — arbitrary social media censorship, “cancel culture,” and the dominance of “woke” ideologies — provides fertile ground for a mode of persecution that may be lesser in scale and intensity, but no less disturbing than the abuses that occur under the CCP.

It is now within the realm of plausibility to envision a scenario in which a Trump supporter voicing non-mainstream views on social media gets reported on by informants, gets fired from her job for supporting “insurrection,” and is unable to secure legal representation to fight her case in court because lawyers risk being fired from their law firms for aiding “insurrectionists.”

A more extreme scenario could see individuals who peacefully protest the insurrection discourse in public or organize investigations into irregularities in the 2020 U.S. presidential election get arrested and be subjected to psychiatric treatment in detention as part of “deprogramming.” “Deprogramming” and “reeducation” are already underway in American schools — teachers are instructing their students on the politically correct way to understand the Jan. 6 incident, and The New York Times has rolled out “teaching resources” with leading questions to “help students make sense of the rampage at the Capitol” and entrench the establishment’s insurrection discourse. …

Which way will it go?

The die, however, is not cast. Many Americans still adhere to the country’s founding documents, values, and principles. They believe in truth and facts, and are skeptical of media spin and one-sided narratives.

How constitutionally-inclined Americans respond to creeping authoritarianism at home is of critical importance for the rest of the world  …

To strengthen their resolve to speak truth to power, Americans can look to the example set by PRC dissidents. The truth about the Tiananmen Square massacre, the horrendous persecution of ethnic and religious minorities, and the evils of the regime are known to the world because generations of dissidents are determined to get the facts out regardless of the Great Firewall, heavy censorship, and the often steep personal costs associated with telling the truth. As a result, Chinese dissidents have denied the CCP total control over what constitutes reality in mainland China, and even inspired millions to partake in a grassroots movement to symbolically renounce the Party.

Millions of Americans are constantly seeking out the truth, peacefully exercising their First Amendment rights in the face of intimidation and censorship, and take political action where appropriate. As long as Americans continue to practice the lessons taught by their Founding Fathers and stand up for their rights, the loss of those rights is by no means inevitable.