Patrick Byrne: How Trump Lost the White House: The Aftermath

Patrick Byrne: How Trump Lost the White House: The Aftermath. The eighth and final excerpt from Patrick Byrne’s fascinating account of what was happening on the inside of the effort to appeal the 2020 election. Earlier excerpts here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Elections may degenerate into debate about corruption, but at the end of the day, for an office such as President there needs to be a mechanism to guarantee that a selection is made. The system created by our Constitution, whereby electors are chosen and sent to an Electoral College to cast their votes, then at a later point the US Senate (by recognizing and counting electoral votes) accepts that decision, accomplishes that.

No matter what goes on at the state level, no matter how corrupt the events, there is a US Senate to look at the facts and by accepting electoral votes, certify the decision. That bifurcation guarantees that disputes about election integrity cannot swamp the overriding constraint that by some date, a victor must be established. That Constitutional process decided the presidency. On January 6-7 that process ran its course, and selected Joe Biden. So Biden is our president.

The Capitol riot interrupted that process and prevented that constitutionally mandated debate on election fraud from taking place. Who benefited?

President Asterisk:

It would be tempting to use the Left’s own playbook against it by continuing to maintain, “Not my President!” (as the Left said for four years under Trump). … As tempting as it would be to do that publicly for the next four years, it feels churlish. So with regret, I must acknowledge that while the Constitutionally-mandated was corrupted from its inception by massive election fraud, the process ran its course, Joe Biden was the winner, and so he is, indeed, the President.

Now, having acknowledged that, I shall turn to the world of sports for proper semiotics. … Lance Armstrong won 6 Tour de France bicycle races. Yet it turned out that was also done with the assistance of performance enhancing drugs, so, as the New York Times wrote in 2012, his record will forever be marred: Armstrong, Best of His Time, Now With an Asterisk

Lance Armstrong won 6* Tour de France bicycle races

I am going to adopt the same typographical convention for President* Biden. Referring to him as “President* Biden” accomplishes two things: it recognizes that he did, in fact, become President through the Constitutional process; it also recognizes that irregularities (such as have been described in this story) marred that achievement. So Biden is indeed President*, in the same way that … Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France 6* times. …

The Republican Party:

The Republican Party is a disgrace. Through this process I saw enough of them that I came to understand who they are. Other than a small number of strong players, it is mostly socialites and dilettantes, fat-cats and grifters (e.g., raising $300 million to help expose election fraud, then provide no apparent help: someone should look into where that $300 million went).

I advise the Reader: Never give a dollar to the Republican Party again.

In these recent months I met two people for whom I can completely vouch. Two people of whom I can say, “These two people are fully and entirely about helping the USA, and are not in it one iota for themselves.” Those two people are Sidney Powell and Mike Flynn. …

Donald Trump:

What may I say about Donald Trump? From my hours with him I can tell you he is a smart man, smarter than I expected. He is more soft-spoken and gracious than I had anticipated as well. He is not the monster the Mainstream Media wishes you to believe.

I also think Trump has a taste for chaos (someone pointed this out to me as a trait of those who grew up around alcoholism). One of my mentors taught me that the first task in any leadership situation is to determine, “What’s the mission and who is in charge?” One needs clear chains of command to focus an organization. President Trump’s leadership style (which is to throw a problem against the wall and have a crowd swarm in to fix it) seems more appropriate to me to running a branding and marketing company, than it is to someone running an operation (such as the USG) with millions of employees. …

Here is another thing to know about President Trump: I look over all the evidence, his refusal to take the 3-foot putt, and it occurs to me that at some level Trump may have wanted to leave. Maybe it was his age, maybe it was threats to his family, but it is entirely possible that by the time I met him in December he was looking forward to moving on and golfing (as he slyly hinted to me when we met). He is 74, a tad heavier than he should be, statistically probably has 5-10 years to live, and may well not really have wanted to spend most of them doing what he did the last four. …

I have indicated a lot of ambivalence about Donald Trump. But for the first time I have a clear understanding of the meaning of Donald J. Trump in our history. It is not about his mannerism, his hair, his speaking style, his management style…What Donald Trump did is he figured out one big thing:

The people of our country are suffering because elites sold them out. The people can look at what has happened over the last 30 – 40 years, and know they have been sold out. They correctly understand that when they look at Trump they are not looking at an “elite” but one who wants to stand up (however coarsely) against the elites on their behalf. That is his source of appeal, and that is what causes so many to look the other way on his personal foibles.

I largely agree with this worldview. …

We have become an oligarchy, the State is corrupted, and things are not being run for the benefit of the people. … Trump got it. The problem is that Trump’s personal foibles leak into his management. Even his admirers within the administration told me that the chaos I was experiencing was par for the course for four years. …

President Trump fancies himself intuitive, not needing to do heavy homework (of, saying, reading his full Presidential Daily Briefing). In this case, that resulted in him not understanding his full powers or the varieties of courses of action that were available to him. He left the details in the hands of personnel, but his personnel choices were terrible.

Until he was elected President, Donald Trump had never spent one night in DC. Based on all that I observed, my guess is that the day Donald Trump fired Mike Flynn, his goose was cooked. For the next four years Trump got managed, he got handled, by the bureaucracy. It is indeed a wonder Trump got done what he did. But I am confident that had Mike Flynn been there history would have been completely different.

Proof that the election was rigged:

The same side maintaining there was no significant election fraud has since November 4 fought tooth-and-nail against allowing any real scrutiny of the systems to take place.

For example, back in November, in Nevada, a court gave some cyber-ninjas of my acquaintance an order allowing an “audit” of election machines in that county. That audit was thwarted by election officials who said, “It does not say ‘digital audit’, it does not say ‘forensic audit’,” and on that basis gave minimal compliance. They revealed some certifications but gave no access to inspect the machines. Similarly, in Arizona, currently, the Maricopa Board of Elections is refusing to honor a subpoena from the State Senate. And so on across the country: despite the most suspect election in American history unfolding before our eyes, there has to this day been almost 0 actual inspection of the systems and ballots (and what inspection has occurred, has been grossly exaggerated: e.g., Georgia). While these machines were sold to the election boards as offering transparency, in practice there has been overwhelming digging-in-of-heels in against transparency since the day after the election, and every scrap of information we have obtained was fought for inch by inch.

That is how they ran out the shot-clock on January 6.

By federal law, all the election materials used in the 2020 election must be preserved for 22 months. There are efforts alive to keep investigations running, court cases and Senate hearings and such. The opposition has achieved its primary objective: it made it impossible to audit any of those materials meaningfully before the Senate made its choice on January 6-7. Now it continues the fight against transparency, knowing that revelations that might come from a full audit would shape Americans’ beliefs about the need to reform our election systems.

That’s odd, because one would think that if they actually believed their assertions of there being no fraud, they would welcome scrutiny to establish that election fraud had not dominated the election.

The weak hypothesis: It’s a psyop:

You are living through a psyop (a psychological operation) being executed with military precision.

What scared both Flynn and me (and what drove us both forward whenever we asked each other, “What the hell are we doing here?”), was this possibility. It sounds far-fetched to most people, but we considered it an obvious possibility: what America has experienced for the last year has been a psyop, just like ones we have used to destabilize and impose regime change on other countries.

The stages of a regime-changing psyop are:

  1. Demoralization of the country
  2. Disorientation
  3. Crisis
  4. Normalization.

It takes little imagination to fit the events of the last year to this paradigm:

  1. Demoralization of the country — Covid-19;
  2. Disorientation — Antifa & BLM;
  3. Crisis — election counting stops in 6 cities in 6 swing states, then a surprise;
  4. Normalization — the media gaslights anyone who sees anything odd here.

How reasonable is it to suspect that Covid-19 may have been used in a plan to hijack the USA? I am not referring to the origins of Covid-19, or asserting that it was deliberately released as part of such a plan. But once in the open, does it seem like there are some who have sought to take advantage of it? Might it be possible that those who sought advantage from it wanted the pandemic to be worse than it needed to be?

Precisely. The USA is unique among western countries in that it did not stop the first wave by locking down. Oh it locked down all right, and paid the full price for a lockdown, but got little of the benefit. Because it “forgot” to close the borders. Lockdowns don’t work if the disease can come in. Witness Australia, and how even one case leaking in through quarantine can kick off a wave of infection (e.g. Melbourne’s second wave, which peaked at 700 daily infections). The swamp left the US borders mostly open, the media and the left kept mum, and the right didn’t think of it (too busy repeating Chinese propaganda, like “it’s just the flu”). So the virus caused more harm in the USA (in terms of deaths and economic costs) than anywhere else — though now that Europe reopened its borders and consequently experienced a second wave they are catching up fast.

The establishment — under guidance from the left — pooh-poohed ivermectin and HCQ, either of which could have greatly relieved the health impact of covid. Profiteering by the vaccine manufacturers for sure, but also a political move to demoralize the USA.

Regarding [gaslighting, step 4]. In September, just four months ago, the possibility of a massive election fraud occurring in the USA was … a proposition that enjoyed more support across the political spectrum than any other one could find. Now the possibility has become inexpressible, even unthinkable, as far as our Mainstream Media is concerned. Even Right-of-Center Newsmax recently saw a host walk off its show, rather than participate in a conversation where the possibility was discussed.

So why do things seem surreal? Perhaps because you are living through a psyop to take over our country, and reality as you know it is being engineered.

That’s the weak hypothesis.

The strong hypothesis — China:

If the Weak Hypothesis is correct and we are living through a psyop, who is behind the psyop? China is behind the psyop.

I am not the proverbial Old China Hand, but decades ago I was once a Young China Hand. What follows is speculative but worth considering.

Since the Chinese publication in 1998 of Unrestricted Warfare: Two Air Force Senior Colonels on Scenarios for War and the Operational Art in an Era of Globalization, by  Qiao Liang (乔良) and Wang Xiangsui (王湘穗), it has been understood that hard-line elements within the Chinese National Security community have been envisioning and positioning themselves for war with the USA.

The “unrestricted” part of “unrestricted warfare” is the part that avoids direct military confrontation, and seeks instead to conquer through non-kinetic means.

In 2015, Michael Pillsbury, a lifelong China-dove (i.e., advocate of helping China modernize and prosper) wrote a book (The 100 Year Marathon) where he reversed course. He had been wrong all his professional life, he said, as he now understood that China had embarked on a 1949-2049 plan to turn the USA into a vassal state.

In this book, he discussed a phrase circulating in Chinese national security literature: the “Assassin’s Mace” it had in the works for the USA. The reference, Pillsbury knew, was to an old Chinese story from the Warring States period, and refers to, in essence, a sucker-punch one-punch knockout.

Is what we are experiencing right now China’s “Assassin’s Mace”? Nothing would be more of an Assassin’s Mace than a scheme to take out the USA with a rigged election that could not be unscrambled through our court system by January 6, thus allowing the Constitutional gears to grind away and turn to cement what had been presented as a fait accompli.

I am raising this not merely as a theoretical possibility. My colleagues and I discovered ample evidence of Chinese involvement in these election shenanigans. Their money shows up in the firms supplying the election equipment in widest use; their IPs show up tickling our election equipment online; receipts from their print shops show up on stacks of ballots in our election operations… DNI Ratcliffe belatedly delivered on January 7 his opinion: he sees more of the intelligence than anyone in government, and his conclusion was that the Chinese had meddled in the election.

If the Strong Hypothesis is correct and this is all a Chinese psyop, there is a way you will be able to tell. Authoritarian measures will be imposed on the US population (under the guise of stopping something vague like, “extremism”). President* Joe Biden will fill his administration with China-doves, and he will reverse an Executive Order of Trump’s to allow the Chinese to resume building components of our electrical grid. Because of the political discourse being constrained by Big Tech and authoritarian measures, within 10 years there will be prison camps in America built next to hospitals for the purpose of organ-harvesting from dissidents. By that time, Xi Jinping will have a button on his desk: one day he will hit it, the US electrical grid will shut down, and over the course of one year 90% of us will die off and the United States will turn into a farm (which China’s 1.6 billion people will appreciate). …

The Supreme Court:

The Supreme Court let us down once, in 1936-1937, when they succumbed to FDR’s threats to pack the Court. The result of their succumbing were some holes punched in the Constitution (e.g., Wickard v. Filburn), and through those holes the federal government that grew to three times the size it should (and probably bankrupted us in the process). They are going to get their chance to make up for it, by riding tall in the saddle and cleaning up this industrial election fraud.

They can do it on one principal: stopping voter suppression. Remember, every fake ballot that gets counted nullifies the vote of one actual voter, just as surely as a poll tax (or other forms of voter suppression) would. If the Supreme Court has courage, they will recognize that the moves Democrats made in 2020 to loosen everything that might bring integrity to an election, were part of what was, in essence, a massive voter suppression scheme (because industrial-sized election fraud creates massive voter suppression).

This is what voter suppression looked like in Birmingham, Alabama in 1963:

This is what it looks like now:

The signs are that in six key states there were collectively millions of acts of voter suppression in the 2020 election, by any of numerous methods. …

I believe the US Supreme Court should at earliest opportunity, save the republic by recognizing election fraud as a form of mass voter suppression, and create the kind of blanket standards they imposed on states starting in the 1960’s. Standards such as: voter rolls must be kept clean; voters have to identify themselves; ballot-harvesting is an invitation to Goon-ism; reconsider using any electronic equipment (Dominion voting equipment is not used in Canada, though the firm is HQed in Toronto); and recognize (with essentially all other countries) that mail-in voting is too given to fraud to be used in a legitimate election. …

The United States Supreme Court is faced with a novel situation. I believe I have presented enough evidence in this work to raise the possibility in the mind of any sane person, that a well-thought out and crisply executed organization hijacked our national election in 2020, by hijacking 6 key swing states, by hijacking the anchor city in each of those states, via election fraud that began with simultaneous and unprecedented shutting down of vote-counting, and continuing through countless forms that have been documented in videos and affidavits and with what forensics have been allowed. …

This is as serious a moment as the 1960’s Civil Rights crisis, and the effects of giving a hall pass to the behavior and activities in Election 2020 that have been extensively documented, will effectively bring about the end of the republic. …

So it is not beyond the realm of possibility that the Supreme Court (which on Friday, February 19 will have a conference on Sidney’s Michigan case, a case which is chock-full of evidence), will do something as meaningful as they did in the 1960’s era, when voter suppression and other matters of egregious civil rights violation came before them. …

The future:

Focus your political attention, ire, and efforts on election integrity. No matter what else you want, you want this first and more. …

2022 will be our last shot. If there is election integrity, I believe the Democrats will lose the House and Senate in a landslide, because Americans see their true colors. On the other hand, if we do not restore election integrity by then, then next election will also be rigged, and we will have tipped our way into a fascist, authoritarian dystopian version of America, run by Goons.

And with the backing of China, the tech titans, and the Goon-Left in the USA, you can be confident that Government of the Goons, by the Goons, and for the Goons shall not perish from this Earth.

The USA just experienced a turning point, which may prove to be a turning point for the whole world. Historians will one day examine this in great detail. Patrick Byrne’s account will be foremost among the primary accounts, because he was there and saw it happen — or not.