Why the left wants to shut down FOX News

Why the left wants to shut down FOX News. Tucker is on fire tonight.

Joanne Nova:

It seems a major reason for impeaching Donald Trump “no matter what” is to make sure that even if the majority of American voters wanted to get him back in office, they will not get that choice. After all, if Trump incited a violent coup against a legitimately elected government, and it was broadcast every night on prime time sympathetic news for the next four years, how could he ever win again? What population would be insane enough to vote for that?

Hypothetically, though, imagine a government was elected through late night vote dumps, fake ballots, dead votes and electronic flipping? That same government would surely be vulnerable and possibly afraid that if word were to spread, protests would mount and State legislatures might be forced to fix the gaping holes in the system – at least in some states. All of which might give the cheated leader a chance to be re-elected. …

There are other advantages. The Democrats can pretend there is a reason, sort of, for keeping tens of thousands of the National Guard on site in Washington long after the inauguration riots that never happened. A deployment that has cost more than $500 million. Was the real reason the National Guard was there to deter any protests at the 40 Executive Orders signed in sweeping reforms, or the purge of the military to remove wrongthink? …

Apparently the last thing Democrats want is to give the voters democracy.

hat-tip Stephen Neil