Who’s To Blame for the Ever-Richer Elite?

Who’s To Blame for the Ever-Richer Elite? by the Z-Man.

The financialization of the economy starting in the 1980’s has created a massive wealth disparity. America now has an invisible over-class that owns almost all of the wealth. What they do not own directly, they control through what amounts to regulatory capture. They control the institutions that set the rules on how you can use your property. Inevitably, those rules favor the greed heads that control the financial system.

How did this happen? Who is responsible for it? Conservative will say that you cannot blame capitalism or free markets. Just like the taboo against whites taking their own side, they enforce a taboo against questioning the current economic order. Similarly, you cannot blame rich people, as that’s class warfare. If you do not like the rich people running things, get rich and challenge them. …

This shape shifting that prevents the people from identifying the cause of the problems that plague their society is the result of democracy. When everyone has a vote, either in an election or in the economy, then everyone is to blame for the result. … The blame for every problem is the imaginary neighbor who is demanding it.

This is one reason for the increasing unhappiness. It is not just the problems people can see all around them. It is the fact that there is no acceptable cause. … Self-hatred and self-loathing become the creed of the majority, with only the minorities able to find a suitable enemy.

This is an unnatural condition as people are naturally inclined to find the source of their unhappiness and make that the focus of their anger.

We never voted for the current financial system and the way money is manufactured. It was foisted upon us by self-interested banking experts, who easily persuaded ignorant politicians and poor academics to go along. Hardly anyone knows, and it is concealed beneath a layer of complexity and jargon.

Political warriors like the Z-Man rarely take the time to learn about how money is manufactured and its ramifications, so they flail around not knowing how it happened or how to fix it.

Actually just following the words of the US or Australian constitutions, to use only gold and silver as (the base of all) money, would have prevented most of the problems from arising. The base monetary role for gold was abandoned around 1971, the year things started to go pear-shaped for western civilization.