Time’s admissions on how the oligarchs rigged the 2020 election, and the terror they unleashed to control the normals

Time’s admissions on how the oligarchs rigged the 2020 election, and the terror they unleashed to control the normals. By the Z-Man. More on that infamous article here and here.

[More on that] Time article on how the oligarchs rigged the 2020 election. Most people have fixated on the audacity of posting such a piece. Usually, people who commit crimes try to conceal their actions, but in this case, the principals are willing to boast about it. We are in the midst of a great purge of our institutions of anyone who questions the legitimacy of the election and here we have these people confirming many of the claims.

The motivation behind writing that piece is spite, of course. The half-hearted talk of bringing unity after the election has not fooled many people. That Time piece makes clear that there can be no unity, because there will be no peace.

As the article says, the point of rigging the election was to “fortify” what they call democracy, but which the rest of us call their permanent rule. They were prepared to use any means necessary to defend their rights and privileges from the people.

One of those tactics, of course, was the unleashing of mobs onto the public starting with the highly orchestrated George Floyd incident. This was a combination of Black Lives Matter, created by the Obama administration during his second term, and ANTIFA, created and funded by the Soros organization. One group allegedly represents the interest of blacks, while the other group claims to be the inheritors of the communist revolutionary spirit. It was blacks and reds.

This is the truly remarkable aspect of that post. For months, the evidence piled up suggesting the mobs were manufactured. There seemed to be someone or a group of people funding and directing them. Early in the Time story, it boasts “In a way, Trump was right. There was a conspiracy unfolding behind the scenes, one that both curtailed the protests and coordinated the resistance from CEOs. Both surprises were the result of an informal alliance between left-wing activists and business titans.”

In other words, the suspicions were correct. The left-wing terror networks that operate out of not-for-profits like Pro Publica and The Bail Project, funneled cash, supplies and instructions to the mobs on the streets. That cash came from the CEO’s and their money changers in Washington, Silicon Valley and New York. This money was offered in exchange for violent street actions intended to either provoke a right-wing reaction or embarrass the Trump administration.

This sounds a lot like what the British did in Ireland [with the Black and Tans]. Unable to win popular support in their crusade against Trump, they unleashed thugs with official protection to terrorize the population. State sponsored terror is a well-known tactic to control a population, but it is generally considered the bane of civilized government. This is the sort of thing you expect from authoritarian societies or occupied ones. It was something the Bolsheviks did after the revolution, which is ironic given the people involved. …

The British unleashed the Black and Tans because they did not see the Irish as humans. They were a population that had to be controlled, like wild animals or maybe prisoners. The people on the other side of the razor wire and in the bunkered communities of Silicon Valley and Wall Street look at the rest of us, especially the white population, the same way. We are no longer humans, so they are free to do as they like in order to control us.

The lesson is that in a social war, every event must be used to rally support for your side and put the other side in a bad light. The Black and Tans undermined the British position with both the Irish and British public, because the IRA made them the face of the British occupation. That is what must happen here. These mobs must be closely tied to the CEO’s and politicians directing them. The Biden presidency must be known as the Antifa presidency. Make them own their golem.