Time’s admissions on the vast shadowy conspiracy “fortifying” the 2020 election

Time’s admissions on the vast shadowy conspiracy “fortifying” the 2020 election. By Laura Ingraham.

That infamous Time article covered earlier here.

Joanne Nova:

Time Magazine admits it was a conspiracy between Big Gov and Corporate Giants to take the election …

Isn’t a cabal between Corporates, Unions and one side of politics exactly what “the Media” is meant to expose to scrutiny before the election, not to help “keep it a secret”?

Translated, protecting democracy means getting more money, making laws that suit their cabal, not the voters, and censoring information they didn’t like. At no point does Molly Ball brag about reaching the people with policies that mattered to them, with ideas to lift them from poverty, help them get jobs, stop crime or even do one survey of voters to find out what the people wanted. …

The hero apparently is a guy called Mike Podhorzer, who worried that Trump might “win by corrupting the voting process”. Somehow the Left always projects onto their opponents exactly what they do themselves. …

Others approached him to join forces, including a group of former elected officials was researching emergency powers they feared Trump might exploit. That was probably the Democrats who read the Executive Order 13848 — and knew that if there were foreign interference in the election, Trump could respond. Presumably, that EO would only concern a group who happened to think there might be foreign interference designed to help them win.

So the Democrats gamed out those scenarios, and came up with a plan which amounted to non-stop Psy-ops on a level of detail and a scale never seen. Rather than trying to appeal to millions of voters, the main game was to appeal to the few gatekeepers who might decertify results that looked … dubious.

Election boards were one pressure point; another was GOP-controlled legislatures, who Trump believed could declare the election void and appoint their own electors. And so the President invited the GOP leaders of the Michigan legislature, House Speaker Lee Chatfield and Senate majority leader Mike Shirkey, to Washington on Nov. 20.

It was a perilous moment. If Chatfield and Shirkey agreed to do Trump’s bidding, Republicans in other states might be similarly bullied. “I was concerned things were going to get weird,” says Jeff Timmer, a former Michigan GOP executive director turned anti-Trump activist. Norm Eisen describes it as “the scariest moment” of the entire election.

They had activists on tap to surround key people at airports at both ends of the flight path. They knew their schedules. They had lawyers ready to frame everything to intimidate the two people who were critical to warn them they would be investigated “for bribery” if they voted Trump’s way. They had media liasons to report and amplify these stories. They even arranged for street artists to project their images onto buildings outside where they were drinking, with the words “The World Is Watching”. When the normally small time boards were meeting, Twitter was there with a special hot hashtag to get thousands of onlookers to add to the pressure. They gas-lit everyone constantly, certifying junk results was really “affirming democracy”, “respecting voter wishes”.

The bullies who doxxed people and threatened their children called Trump the bully, over and over, and defenceless normal Americans caved under the weight of relentless pressure. Humans are gregarious, after all, and few are evolved to withstand this kind of group, cultlike attention.

After that, the dominoes fell. Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and the rest of the states certified their electors. Republican officials in Arizona and Georgia stood up to Trump’s bullying. And the Electoral College voted on schedule on Dec. 14.

Time Magazine didn’t mention the intimidation done by the Cabal. They didn’t mention that in Michigan two Republican canvassers only certified under duress, and only with the agreement that there would be a full audit of the ballots, which never happened. The Time authors don’t mention the two canvassers decided to rescind their votes and signed affadavits to that effect. …

So they knew it was going to happen (because they instigated it):

Another tight situation was the Capitol Hill vote, and the hero Podhorzer even admits that they strenuously arranged and organised so that there would be no counterdemostrators on the day lest they be blamed for the mayhem. Given that Trump’s supporters almost never caused mayhem, nor tore down statues or set fire to Wendy’s — they barely left litter behind, it rather says a lot that the Cabal knew there would be mayhem that day. Molly Ball forgets to tell readers that there were BLM and Antifa guys there but they were disguised as Trump supporters while they broke windows and incited the crowd to “Burn it down”.

If hypothetically, someone had set up a false flag event, they really would be afraid their own mad mob might turn up and steal the show.

The Time Magazine article is a feature (unwittingly) on how Democracy has been destroyed. Even if we ignore the evidence for corruption, cheating and flipping of votes, the entire article is a back-patting propaganda article demonstrating that winning elections has nothing to do with policy or what the voters want. It’s about manipulation, games, psychological warfare, and deception.

None of this, not a thing, was about respecting the voters wishes.

How close it was. But look at what amazing pressure the left applied … and the media did not report, until now.