Gay conversion therapy banned in Victoria after marathon debate

Gay conversion therapy banned in Victoria after marathon debate. By Bill Muehlenberg.

Victoria under Dan Andrews and the Labor government is becoming the Antichrist State. And a vote in the Victorian Upper House last night was the final nail in the coffin. There we had politicians formally voting to turn Christians and other concerned citizens into criminals. …

It is not “conversion therapy” that is now illegal in Victoria. It is Christianity, prayer, counsel, biology, common sense, and help for those struggling that is now banned in Victoria. Dare to live out your faith in this Australian state and you can be imprisoned for a decade!

Now that potentially hundreds of thousands of Victorians have been proclaimed to be criminals overnight, we are living in the darkest days since Australian federation. As former Deputy PM John Anderson put it late last year, this bill “is the biggest threat to our democratic freedoms in Australia’s entire legislative history.”

Indeed, if politicians wanted to officially ban freedom, democracy and Christianity, this is about as good a way as any of achieving that result. Cover it all in sweet-sounding words: compassion, fairness, equality, tolerance. Of course, there is no fairness or tolerance for Bible-believing Christians. …

This is all about one thing: the criminalisation of Christianity, and an all-out war on heterosexuality. Now in Victoria you MUST support and endorse the radical homosexual and trans agendas – or else. That is the bottom line.

Sumeyya Ilanbey, at The Age reports on the debate:

The bill passed the Victorian Parliament 27 votes to nine after a 12-hour sitting in the Legislative Council, where Liberal MPs Bev McArthur and Bernie Finn defied their party’s position and crossed the floor to vote against the government’s legislation. …

Liberal MP Bernie Finn had described the proposed law as an “attack on basic freedoms” and described elements of the bill as “social engineering”. …

“We have already seen a great number of children go to the children’s hospital, for example, confused about their gender …  It has gone from half-a-dozen a year to well over 1000, as I understand it. That in itself is a worry. This bill is just going to add to that.”

Oh it’s very trendy. Who would want to be straight, when all the cool kids are gay or bi or trans? When the media, government force, and the tide of history* is all against straight?

*The tide of history is “always” progressive. Even though it usually isn’t, actually.

hat-tip Stephen Neil