Bullied into Gay Lifestyle as a Kid, Counseling Would Be Banned as “Gay Conversion Therapy.”

Bullied into Gay Lifestyle as a Kid, Counseling Would Be Banned as “Gay Conversion Therapy.” By James Parker.

I came out as gay at 17 and dived headfirst into gay activism. However, the degree of purpose and inner contentment I experienced then is nothing compared to what I experience today as a man who enjoys his heterosexual potential and loves being dad to my own biological offspring. This was only made possible as a result of the same therapy and prayer which Dan Andrews’ government is now callously and disingenuously seeking to outlaw.

I am not referring to the cruel, forced therapies used by the state in the past to attempt to change a person’s sexual attraction or gender identity. There were no electro-shock treatments, ice baths, rapes, bashings or exorcisms. No.

I am talking about non-coercive therapies that are accepted and used daily in your own back yard and across the globe. These include counselling, support groups, time away on retreats, and good old peer support.

These support therapies turned my life around and helped me to face the trauma and dysfunction that lived deep within me as a result of being abandoned and adopted as a baby, repeatedly being misgendered, bullied and sexually abused throughout primary school, as well as being pornographied and told at age 14 that I was gay by a helpline worker who knew nothing about me or my history.

These common-or-garden therapies taught me the power of forgiveness and brought resolution to deep issues that had previously fuelled my self-harm, depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation.

Regular therapies worked for me as they work for hundreds of others who reject the LGBTQ+ labels and ideologies. In fact, there is significantly more robust, scientific evidence available that repudiates the gross lies that once gay means always gay, or that a person can somehow be born the wrong sex.

It’s like the gays want one-way traffic to gay, but not the other way. Can’t imagine why. So they are using government to help erect a “trade barrier,” by banning “gay conversion therapy.” They are now using government force to get what they cannot get by persuasion in the marketplace.

I’ve met James a couple of times. A very genuine and brave guy. Now has a wife and a couple of kids.

hat-tip Stephen Neil