Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine: Even in life and death stuff they refuse to see data in front of their face

Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine: Even in life and death stuff they refuse to see data in front of their face. By Robert Clancy, an immunologist and emeritus professor at the University of Newcastle’s School of Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacy.

In an article larded with the usual cringeworthy dissociations of the expert from other blasphemers, and from his employer in case this much truth is too blasphemous, an expert dares to challenge the narrative.

Vaccines are critical; they will save lives; we should all get behind them.

Vaccines, however, do have limitations. They need to be paired with effective, safe drug treatment. I believe two candidates are safe, cheap, available and effective. They are ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. Australian health authorities, however, say there is not enough evidence to support their use in the treatment of COVID-19. I disagree with them. …

COVID-19, like influenza, infects the airways mucosal compartment. There are useful lessons from influenza, for which vaccines give partial immunity, of short duration, and with a poor response in the elderly. Early evidence suggests similar outcomes are probable with COVID-19 vaccines.

Herd immunity is unlikely. If it occurs it will likely be of short duration, requiring annual vaccination for continued immunity. Vaccines will be at the core of community management, but they are not enough on their own.

Ivermectin (IVM) and hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) have been used as antimicrobials for half a century with impeccable safety records. They prevent virus assemblage within infected cells and inhibit the inflammatory response. COVID-19 is a two phase disease, with the initial “viral phase” followed by severe life-threatening inflammatory disease requiring hospitalisation. Antivirals only work on the early viral phase (as with shingles, influenza and herpes infections).

Poorly constructed studies of the anti-viral HCQ on hospitalised COVID-19 patients mistakenly led to the drug being categorised as a “failed” therapy. That misunderstanding continues to dominate many official sites, despite there being at least 27 clinical studies in early disease — 10 of which were randomised clinical trials — showing a composite level of 63 per cent protection against admission to hospital and/or death. Similar data supported use in prevention of infection (as it did for malaria).

IVM came later, and avoided much of the political noise, but again was missed by many authorities. More than 30 studies have led to impressive meta-analyses, most recently by Therese Lawrie, an epidemiologist. Data from 17 studies showing a reduction of death by 83 per cent was so dramatic that she concluded it was now unethical to include untreated patients as controls.

Both drugs are used extensively in many countries, with dramatic reductions in COVID-19 deaths.

All studies have faults, but we are faced with an horrific pandemic, with few options for early treatment.

It’s just like climate change.

Few in the public know enough to comment accurately, so they fall prey to wild nonsense according to their political inclinations. A cabal of like-minded corporations and scientists monopolized the bureaucracy’s ear early on and profit mightily from some exaggerated positions. At times they even lie outright to protect their hold on the narrative.

Meanwhile, uncorrupted scientists who understand the issue and point out the problems with the narrative are pilloried, canceled, and scorned. The data that proves the whistleblowers correct is never, ever allowed before the public eye. It soon becomes impossible to effectively counter the narrative with truth in the media. Those members of the public who believe the narrative because they pay attention only to the media give themselves airs about their superior knowledge and “common sense,” but are blithely unaware of the shenanigans that their understanding relies upon.

The bureaucracy appoints believers in the narrative to all positions of authority, then appeals to authority if anyone disputes the narrative.

Society suffers unnecessary disruption, economic pain, and deaths. But society doesn’t know that, because they have been misled by the media and the profiteers. So they acquiesce, even lap it up. Mass delusion is achieved.

Situation normal.

hat-tip David Archibald