Biden Regime Green Lights Racism With Dropped Yale Lawsuit

Biden Regime Green Lights Racism With Dropped Yale Lawsuit. By Matt Margolis.

The Department of Justice made a shocking reversal on Wednesday when it notified a federal judge that it is dropping a discrimination lawsuit against Yale University that was brought by the Trump administration last October.

The lawsuit alleged that Yale “discriminates based on race and national origin in its undergraduate admissions process, and that race is the determinative factor in hundreds of admissions decisions each year.”

This determination came following a two-year investigation that found that Asian-American and white students have “only one-tenth to one-fourth of the likelihood of admission as African American applicants with comparable academic credentials.” …

The Biden administration’s dropping of this case sends a signal that some racism is okay — as long as it’s directed at Asian and white students. …

Just like the Obama administration:

The move echoes a similar action made by the Obama administration in May 2009, when Attorney General Eric Holder dropped a voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party that had been initiated by the Bush administration.

The NBPP had stood guard at a polling place in Philadelphia on Election Day in 2008, intimidating voters with weapons and wearing paramilitary gear. The NBPP didn’t show up to defend themselves in court, and the government’s case had effectively been won. After that, whistleblowers revealed that Obama/Holder Justice Department would not pursue voting rights cases against white victims.

Is this unequal justice under the law what we can expect from the Biden administration?