Modern censorhsip: Newsmax Host Walks-Off Set During Segment With Mike Lindell

Modern censorhsip: Newsmax Host Walks-Off Set During Segment With Mike Lindell. Don’t mention election fraud. By Conservative Treehouse.

Newsmax is a conservative station. Many have switched from Fox to Newsmax.

Watch this interview. Amazing:

Mike Lindell (MyPillow guy) was being interviewed by Newsmax about Big Tech targeting and the suspension of his Twitter account. As soon as Lindell remarked about why he was targeted, Newsmax host Bob Sellers interrupts to deliver a legal message from the broadcaster.

After Lindell refuses to be blocked by the transparent efforts of Sellers, the host asks the producers for help and promptly walks-off the set.

You simply cannot question the election result. Nothing says “fair and above board” like censoring anyone who questions it. No inquiries, no opening up everything to show it was all above board, no addressing people’s queries. Even worse, the debate on election fraud in Congress was interrupted by a “riot” (no, an insurrection!) led by false flaggers (on the same team that appears to have stolen the election), which was blamed on those who want the debate!

Hard to believe how low the left are stooping.

Newsmax must be afraid of being seen as domestic terrorists, or lawsuits from Dominion.


So apparently Newsmax is not the panacea we were told it was. That was disgraceful. You can disagree with and refute what someone’s saying, but to refuse to allow him to speak at all is exactly what the leftist media does. I guess we now know where Newsmax stands…right alongside CNN, MSNBC, etc.


The new “controlled opposition” since Fox was stripped of its “controlled opposition” title on election night. And how quickly NewsMAX gave up their potential in the news media market so quickly. It’s like they are all being paid to die.


Newsmax boss gave a 7-figure donation to the Clinton foundation…that says a lot right there!


This was a disgraceful display of rudeness on the part of Bob Sellers towards Mike Lindell, the guest. I felt like I’m watching one of the mainstream media channels, who are notorious for interrupting and talking over their guests in order to attempt to prevent them from voicing their opinions.


Perhaps, this exposes the DEPTH of the corrupt government-media cabal. If Dominion is suing anybody for defamation for suggesting their bald-faced cheating and coverup actually happened, the fear-of-litigation is enhanced when the cabal has control over the judiciary.

We are now seeing that equal justice is not available in the U.S. Courts—all the way up to apparently compromised C.J. John Roberts. Even NewsMax is cowed, and THAT is what made the T.V. anchor bolt (or he was told by management/legal that he’s to be booted if he didn’t disavow Lindell).

These are all telltales of Communist tactics of subversion, blackmail, and using our system against us all. I believe that the Republic is not yet lost (optimist), but Liberty and Justice for All is in deep trouble.

The USA has changed.