Humanities courses are entrenching division in society

Humanities courses are entrenching division in society. By Bella d’Abrera.

The Institute of Public Affairs’ latest audit, The Humanities Dehumanised. How the Humanities are Taught in Australia’s Universities in 2020 reveals that of 1,181 humanities subjects offered at Australia’s top ten universities, only 177 teach the cultural and intellectual inheritance of Western civilisation while 572 teach Identity Politics and 380 cover Critical Race Theory.

The humanities have been so homogenised and the boundaries so blurred that there is no longer any discernible difference between Sociology, English Literature, Philosophy and Anthropology. They have merged into a single postmodernist blob of ‘theory’ promoting a solitary, depressing worldview. …

Why this is dangerous to you:

Academics who have embraced Critical Race Theory occupy a privileged position in society, because it is their job to preserve our most precious material and pass on our cultural and intellectual heritage to the next generation. …

These academics offer neither diversity of views nor thought. Their aim is to denigrate our culture and freedoms and to undo what has been built over thousands of years. The way in which they teach the humanities prevents Australians from living together harmoniously because the ‘human’ aspect of the ‘humanities’ has disappeared. The study of History, English Literature, Political Science or Philosophy, for example, no longer allows us to examine the entirety of the human condition, instructs us in how to overcome the complexities of life or provides us with an appreciation of, and empathy for, humanity.

It is no coincidence that many of the elite who, in the last few months have been staggeringly censorious, demonstrating a complete lack of empathy for the plight of mainstream Australians and absolutely no understanding of the human condition, have spent their formative years imbibing this nonsense in humanities departments.

We need the humanities to inspire us and to elevate the human spirit not to divide us into warring tribes. The concept of a shared humanity has been replaced with ideologies which pit us against each other on the basis of immutable characteristics. Tragically, the humanities are divorcing us from our shared humanity and preventing us from living together harmoniously as a cohesive society because the last thing that the cultural left wants is for us to have something in common.

The new left’s emphasis on race is mainly to distract you from the fact that the new elite despises the middle and lower classes. It’s mainly about class and status, so they say it’s about race to cover up their prejudice.