Donald Trump loses entire legal team days before trial

Donald Trump loses entire legal team days before trial. By Ann Barrowclough.

Donald Trump’s entire legal team has reportedly resigned just days before his impeachment trial begins. …

CNN reported Mr Trump wanted the lawyers to argue that there was mass election fraud and the 2020 election was stolen from him rather than focus on the impeachment charge of inciting insurrection over the Capitol riots of January 6.

The team had been preparing to argue that it was unconstitutional to try a president after he had left office, but CNN reports Mr Trump was “unreceptive” to discussion. …

According to respected New York Times journalist Maggie Haberman, Mr Trump said he could defend himself rather than waste money on lawyers.

Ms Haberman tweeted that Steve Bannon, Mr Trump’s former chief adviser, was encouraging him to defend himself.

”Bannon, who was talking to Trump ahead of his departure from DC and the day Trump went back and forth on pardoning him, is encouraging him to go to the senate himself. ‘He’s the only one who can sell it,’” she tweeted. …

There is little likelihood of conviction, with most Republican senators signalling opposition to his trial.

What a spectacle that would be, the ex-President of the USA arguing in the US Senate that the election was thrown by the fraud of the Senators putting him on trial. Talk about a bad look for democracy and the authority of the Dems. The left don’t want that to happen, so they will avoid it — but they still want to further denigrate Trump with the trial. Interesting dilemma for the Dems.