DC Officials Announce Plans to Erect Permanent Security Fence Around US Capitol

DC Officials Announce Plans to Erect Permanent Security Fence Around US Capitol. Biden Halts Trump’s Southern Wall.

Border Wall Halted Mid-Construction, Even Though Materials Already in Place. By Chuck Horton.

Wednesday the 27th of January 2021 is the last day of construction on former President Trump’s border wall.

Here in New Mexico, construction has completely ground to a halt on the eastern and western halves of the border wall that were being built to connect in the middle. All of the materials are already on-site to complete the job, but the contractors have been told to leave it. It’s just not being used now after an executive order from President Biden to halt the wall.

Trump completed over 450 miles of this 30-foot tall no-climb fence in strategic places along the southern border.  …

Where the wall suddenly ends, there’s a big gap and then the wall picks up on the other side. This gap now becomes a funnel for anybody who wants to enter the United States illegally. This gap could easily be closed. The steel bollards needed to fill this gap are already bought and paid for, stacked nearby, and ready to be installed. But Biden’s order to halt construction means these fence panels may never be installed, and one construction worker told us he believes they will simply be abandoned, left in the desert to rust away.

Pelosi Announces Walls Now Work And Are No Longer Racist, by The Babylon Bee.

Nancy Pelosi held a press conference outside the Capitol Building today where she clarified previous statements that walls don’t work and are racist, announcing that walls are now extremely effective and are not racist at all.

“Walls work and are not racist in any way, now that we are using them to protect ourselves from the people,” she said. “They are racist when you use them to control the flow of illegal immigration, drug smuggling, and human trafficking into our country, of course. But when we use them to protect politicians, they are an extremely effective tool for keeping the masses out.”

“Walls are now important American institutions of love and equality.” She then motioned for her armed guards to whisk her back inside the safety of the tall fence.

At publishing time, Pelosi had proposed moving the capital city to a more defensible location, like, say, the Rocky Mountains, building a permanent wall around it, and dividing the rest of the nation into thirteen districts.

Says it all, really, about the current state of America.

UPDATE from a reader on the Babylon Bee satire:

It was supposed to be humour, except it’s really happening.

This follows on from the announcement that the unscalable, very high fence erected around the Capitol for supposedly 30 days and supported by over two-dozen-thousand guards at the Inauguration, will be made permanent in a modified, more solid form.

The people making this decision live in mostly gated (walled and fenced) communities.

hat-tip Stephen Neil