Caught with Their Hands in the Cookie Jar

Caught with Their Hands in the Cookie Jar. By Jeremy Carl.

If you have a number of children, as I do, you might be familiar with something like the following scene: A child is caught red-handed doing something he shouldn’t, say, stealing a cookie from the cookie jar. When confronted, he immediately begins to deny guilt and deflect blame.

“My sister ate the cookie! I was just reaching my hand in to make sure it was gone so I could tell you,” the child might exclaim, while dusting cookie crumbs off of his shirt. If pressed about his obvious guilt, he might become angry and lash out.

This is just the sort of behavior we are witnessing from the election-rigging Democrats over the past several weeks. They scream “insurrection” and “coup” at 74.2 million Trump supporters who supposedly bear collective guilt for the actions of a few hundred rioting LARPers at the Capitol, who were immediately denounced by virtually everyone on the Right (in sharp contrast to leftist rioters over the summer, who were coddled and encouraged by the Democrats).

Meanwhile, these same election riggers have launched a “domestic terrorism” witch hunt against Trump supporters, in a clear and obvious attempt to suppress political opposition to the new regime.

Like the child with his hand in the cookie jar, the more guilty the Democrats are of “winning” a blatantly rigged election versus Donald Trump, the louder they must scream about their noble crusade to save “democracy” from “fascism.” …

It’s so obvious:

Given our current strategic situation, the fact that this election was rigged is the core message we need to proclaim, and that is — not coincidentally — why it is the one thing social media and the powers that be will not allow us to say. The reign of terror they are unleashing upon the Right is really a demand that we accept their false narrative.

And here’s an uglier and more depressing truth we need to embrace: They rigged the election in front of our very eyes because we weren’t smart enough, tough enough, and most importantly, not powerful enough to stop them. That’s something we desperately need to fix before 2024, and election integrity efforts led by Senators Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) and Rand Paul (R-Ky.) — not coincidentally three of the top targets of the left-wing mob — are a vital part of that effort. ..

Rigging, rigging, rigging:

The Democrats were pros, stacking the deck so heavily in advance that they could be virtually certain the cards would play out in their favor.

In this context, it is important to note the closeness of the race: just 22,000 votes in three states, a total of 0.013 percent of the total votes cast nationwide, would have needed to be switched from Biden to Trump to have handed President Trump a victory. In a free and fair U.S. election, Donald Trump would have certainly been reelected, and probably reelected easily.

So while I remain somewhat skeptical about the mass rigging of the vote count itself, most assuredly everything else about the election was rigged.

  • The voter registration and the voting process was rigged …
  • The tech platforms were rigged. …
  • The debates were rigged. …
  • The public polls were rigged …
  • The voting process was rigged. …
  • The media was rigged. …
  • The handling of COVID was rigged. …

The Rinos:

It is also no coincidence that the Republican quislings — who have played so conveniently into the Democrats’ impeachment talking points and express outrage at the president’s election rhetoric — can’t seem to muster any outrage at all for any of the systemic rigging discussed above. It’s almost as if they are happier with the uniparty, where they can play the loveable “respected” losers in a Washington Generals-Harlem Globetrotters D.C. soap opera.


Given the numerous powers arrayed against us, we have one power left — what the great Czech dissident playwright and future prime minister Vaclav Havel called, “The Power of the Powerless.” We can refuse to live the lie the Democrats are attempting to force on us and in fact, “live in truth.”

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The Dems are acting so guilty.