Reporter critical of Antifa flees US amid threats as ‘political refugee’

Reporter critical of Antifa flees US amid threats as ‘political refugee’. By RT.

Journalist Andy Ngo, whose parents fled to the US from Vietnam in 1978, has become a political refugee himself, fleeing to London, saying he received death threats from Antifa over his coverage of the movement.

“For a number of months now, there’s just been increasing threats of violence against me, promises by Antifa extremists to kill me,” the Portland native said Saturday night in a Sky News interview. Local law enforcement authorities did nothing about the alleged threats, even when Ngo provided names of the suspects, he said. …

Ngo came to increased prominence after he was attacked by a mob of Antifa protesters in 2019. There have been no arrests in connection with that attack — in which Ngo was beaten, robbed and hospitalized with a brain injury — even though it was caught on camera from various angles and the journalist’s lawyer provided names of suspects to police.

Some Antifa members have condemned Ngo for “enabling fascism” and exposing them to danger by reporting their names and posting their arrest photos. He was vilified by Rolling Stone magazine, which branded him as a “right-wing troll” and said he tries to “demonize” Antifa.

Hatred towards Ngo apparently escalated even further with the upcoming publication of his book, ‘Unmasked’, which chronicles Antifa’s history of violence and its “radical plan to destroy democracy.”

Selective enforcement: different rules apply to leftists and everyone else. We are way past pretending that the same rules apply to everybody and that any hypocrisy is just regrettable and unintended. It’s just full-on power and tribalism now.

hat-tip Stephen Neil