This time the Delaware was not crossed

This time the Delaware was not crossed. By Daan Joubert.

The crossing of the Delaware in midwinter on Christmas Eve of 1776 was General Washington’s major commitment to take the revolution to the enemy.

Now, a little more than 245 years later, a similar opportunity for a similar inspirational action presented itself to keep the USA on the path that was chosen by Washington and the Founding Fathers. That step was not taken; the reason can only be guessed at …

The 2020 presidential election was a fork in the history of the US … The future suddenly has become less certain, more ill-defined and more likely to produce surprises of different kinds.

In the past, reasons have been found to deviate from the hard-coded precepts of the US Constitution. Now, in the wake of the 2020 election, it is difficult to view the USA other than as a ship in a storm of global proportions after it has lost its rudder and with its 250 year old anchor cable broken. Now an untested ideology has taken over the bridge, which puts the US at the mercy of international winds and currents more than ever before. With a president that could be subject to foreign blackmail. …

It is far too early to speculate about what the future might hold, except to state that the available evidence strongly suggests that all that has happened is a result of a near globally orchestrated and now successful coup on the USA. One can only guess at the reason why Trump did not cross his Delaware. His trump cards were his 2018 XO [executive order 13848] regarding foreign intervention in a US election and the Insurrection Act, which required the backing of the military should there follow an insurrection when Trump invoked a state of emergency after the discovered election fraud.

Where Washington had faced the Crown’s mercenaries from Hesse in Europe, the coup masters mustered their own army in Washington. It would seem the Generals who were backing Trump decided that Biden in the White House was a better option than an all-out civil war and they deserted the president — and the Constitution — when it really counted. …

Clarification: While I am no fan of Trump the person, I accept and approve of what he was trying to accomplish. I fear that unless some miracle happens, the US will become a new country during the years ahead; a country that I would not like to call “home.”

Instead, because the Delaware was not crossed, we live in a future where Big Tech and Big Gov team up to cancel half the country, and demographic norms are rapidly dying.

Looking back on the events of 1776, they appear more and more like an historical anomaly. A bunch of smart people who cared enough about freedom and liberty (and smarter people care more about those things, and also freedom of speech) really did something about it. It was a world first in many, many ways.

Is it a coincidence that the same society broke out of the Malthusian trap — another world first — right around the same time? Perhaps both events were caused in an underlying sense by gradually rising average IQs. As the average IQ of that society gradually rose for hundreds of years, it eventually reached the take-off point of developing better technology fast enough to outpace the growth in mouths to feed. It also wanted — demanded — more freedoms.

As the western world dumbs down — maybe it can no longer sustain the technological pace (which  seems to have declined since about 1970), or democracies. The demand for democratic freedoms, and the responsibility to use them properly, could be waning as the average IQ drops.

Maybe the best days of our society have already passed, and we are living after the apogee. Are we now hurtling towards Idiocracy?