Joe Biden, B.S. Artist

Joe Biden, B.S. Artist. By Thaddeus McCotter.

In his schizophrenic inaugural speech, Biden both labeled America as a great nation and systemically racist. This is logically impossible. A great nation cannot be systemically racist. It can only be evil. Moreover, Biden branded more than 74 million Americans as racist and simultaneously called for unity. Again, this is nonsensical. No decent person wishes to unite with racists or other such immoral reprobates.

So, which of his own B.S. does Biden believe? His professed love of country and unity that he spews for the consumption of the state press, independents, and former conservative NeverTrumpers? Or, for the consumption of the Left, his professed belief our nation is systemically racist and how evil conservatives and populists must be deplatformed, deprogrammed, disenfranchised, and destroyed? …

Politicians lie, some a lot more than others. Judge Biden instead by what he does:

Had Biden’s inaugural speech been a clarion call to denounce the cancel culture and censorship, and subsequently turned his words into deeds through executive action and his appointments, Joe Biden would have taken enormous strides in mending the divisions in our nation.

Instead, the rhetoric Biden is implementing through executive action and his appointments affirms and advances the federal government’s role in weaponizing, expanding, and foisting cancel culture and censorship upon dissenting voices, be they Republicans, populists, conservatives, or anyone. …

From the immediate steps to restore the Obama Administration’s weaponization of the state’s police powers against political opponents and vetting and imposing a new political litmus test (rather than the current constitutional one) upon the National Guard and the entire military to reimposing critical race indoctrination in the federal government and its contractors and vowing to make “aggressive misgendering” a “mental illness,” it is clear Biden believes the Left’s B.S. that America is systemically racist, anyone who disagrees is a racist, and millions of racists must be purged from “[their] democracy.”

But I think we all realized that by now.