Biden Promises More Equity, Less Equal Protection of the Laws

Biden Promises More Equity, Less Equal Protection of the Laws.

This is the essence of the left’s case for “equity” to replace equality of opportunity. Facile misdirection.

Steve Sailer:

Please note that “equity” is the term now used to dog-whistle to the woke that you intend “equality of outcome” rather than “equality of opportunity.” Politicians who demand “equity” are demanding, in effect, quotas at the expense of the careers of competent white men and their families.

Jim Tankersley:

The columnist Andrew Sullivan … accused the president of “culture war aggression” in a recent post, saying Mr. Biden’s focus on “equity” would give “named identity groups a specific advantage in treatment by the federal government over other groups.” …

Mr. Biden made racial and gender equity promises a central theme of his campaign. He nominated a cabinet that has more women and people of color than any president before him, though he drew criticism from the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus for not appointing any Asian-American or Pacific-Islander secretaries.

Steve Sailer again:

But he didn’t draw any criticism from the Straight White Protestant Caucus for not nominating a single Straight White Protestant. That’s because there is no Straight White Protestant Caucus. In fact, the very concept of such an entity existing in some alternative timeline universe is intolerable.

See how it works? This is your future, unless the left can be defeated. It’s all tribalism, bigotry, and anti-white racism ahead. MLK’s dream of color-free society is dead. Instead, we will squabble like African tribes for our groups, where the group we belong to is based on birth factors we cannot control. And they tell us that’s progress!