Luxury Beliefs

Luxury Beliefs, by Bill Whittle. Awesome video that pulls together a lot of strands of the current situation throughout the West.

(Btw, we did a post on the NY Post article mentioned in the video, here, in August 2019.)

The rise of luxury beliefs has great explanatory power. Virtue signalling — the drive for social status while paying a minimal cost — explains white privilege, perpetual covid lockdown, and global warming. (Of course, if you actually do the work to be virtuous that’s not “virtue signalling” — it’s simply “virtue.”)

Now that luxury goods are so cheap that they are widespread, how can elites signal their higher social status? Increasingly they turn to advertising beliefs that set them apart. While that’s lovely for them, it is increasingly harmful to the rest of us — because those beliefs often do real damage to normal people while having only an insignificant effect on the elitists who propose them.

He so nails the covid lockdown. Those who are getting paid during lockdown are generally in favor of a ridiculously long lockdown (which need only be a couple of months to eliminate even a well established covid outbreak, as demonstrated by the Melbourne 2nd wave). But people who don’t get paid during lockdowns generally have to get out and work to pay the rent or eat, so they aren’t in favor of semi-permanent lockdown.

Global warming is also driven by social status seeking. Elites express their virtue by demanding carbon emissions be curbed, knowing full well that they are rich enough to scarcely even notice the much higher electricity costs that this entails.

Solution: smaller government, to reduce the power of elitists to tell us what to do.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific