Woke “equity”: a bigot’s paradise

Woke “equity”: a bigot’s paradise.

New Discourses tell us what the woke — and presumably the Biden regime — mean by”equity”

In Critical Social Justice, the meaning of “equity” takes pains to distinguish itself from that of “equality.”

Where equality means that citizen A and citizen B are treated equally [equality of opportunity], equity means “adjusting shares in order to make citizens A and B equal” [equality of outcome]. …

Equity is something like a kind of “social communism” … — the intentional redistribution of shares, but not necessarily along lines of existing economic disparity but in order to adjust for and correct current and historical injustices, both as exist in reality and as have been drawn out by the various critical theories. …

True equity implies that an individual may need to experience or receive something different (not equal) in order to maintain fairness and access. For example, a person with a wheelchair may need differential access to an elevator relative to someone else. … Few people would find [this] unfair.

However, within Critical Social Justice conceptions of the world … invisible systems of power and privilege are understood to hold some people back in often invisible ways because of their race, gender, sexuality, or other marginalized identity factors. Therefore, “equity” requires giving some identity groups privileges in order to redress the perceived imbalance. …

Critical Social Justice regards [equality of opportunity] not only as myth but as a harmful ideology that upholds injustices like “white supremacy.”

Because of the blank slatism and simplistic ideas of power and identity found within Critical Social Justice worldviews, all imbalances of representation in desirable areas of work are held to be caused by these perceived power dynamics. Equity is the intended remedy to this problem, and it is made applicable only (and especially) to positions of status and influence. For example, there is no equity program that attempts to increase the number of female sanitation workers, though there are equity programs that seek to increase the number of female doctors and politicians, and these endure even in high-status positions that employ more women than men. Of particular concern are positions that have influence where power is concerned, including in terms of shaping the discourses of society.

The bigots will especially like this bit:

Moreover, equity, importantly, is often to be assessed historically, not merely in the present moment. If an identity group has historically been disenfranchised or excluded from a particular (status-bearing) role, equity often implies achieving representation numbers higher than demographic parity to make up for the historical injustice.

Thus, we can understand quips like Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s when she said that the proof of equality would be that there are nine women on the Supreme Court of the United States (that is, the entire court is female).

It is also in this light that many arguments about reparations, whether material, monetary, or symbolic (e.g., through high-status employment) are situated. That is, equity is not merely about “making up for injustices” but also often about “making up for past injustices.”

Sounds like the parasites, the lazy, and the less-talented are ganging up to grab the goodies by political means, rather than earning them. It’s bad for society in the same sense that meritocracy is good.

Equity is the opposite of meritocracy and equality of opportunity. It is just anti-white racism under a fancy name.

Equity is worse than quotas. Proportional representation of the tribes in the good jobs is not enough any more, now they want it all. To redress “historical injustices”, you understand.

Rod Dreher:

President Biden issued an executive order mandating “racial equity” in all government agencies.

If you think that this means he’s asking managers to make sure racial discrimination is not happening in their agency, you’re mostly wrong. All decent people would want to see racial discrimination eliminated in government agencies — but that’s not what “equity” means. You may not understand that “equity,” in Wokish, is not the same thing as “equality.” …

Equity is the word progressives use to describe equal outcomes. If there are racial imbalances in a system — that is, if a disproportionate number of white people are in its management — then that is taken as proof of “systemic racism.” No other explanation is possible. …

I could be wrong about this, but I feel confident that the equity assessors will never find a system in which there are not enough white people in management. But let’s say it did happen. I would find it demeaning if I had reason to believe that I had been chosen for a job over a better qualified candidate of color, only because my employer had a quota to fill. I would be ashamed, frankly. The only way I could get over that shame and do my job would to be convince myself that the racial-spoils ideology of progressivism were somehow just. But then I would be a liar. …

So now our federal bureaucracy is going to be run by a racialist lie, and everyone who works within that bureaucracy is going to be compelled to affirm the lie or be considered a racist.

hat-tip Stephen Neil