“We Want Revenge”: Antifa Anarchists Activate After Biden Inaugurated

“We Want Revenge”: Antifa Anarchists Activate After Biden Inaugurated. By Tyler Durden.

While the mainstream media and the federal government drummed up imminent threats of right-wing violence during the presidential inauguration at state capitol buildings, nothing happened that was significant in reporting.

Meanwhile, after the Biden inauguration, leftist groups, such as Antifa, are causing chaos in multiple cities.

Antifa is marching in multiple cities. The latest is Seattle, according to AntifaWatch.

The leftist anti-government group appeared displeased with the new administration as they attacked the building of the Democratic Party of Oregon. …


Antifa mobs were seen burning American flags outside Colorado’s Capitol building. The Sun describes the group as a “militant left-wing-group.” …

There are reports Antifa is planning to attack Trump supporters this week.

The oligarchy/administrative-state sanctioned these mobs to get rid of Trump. Now that the oligarchs are back in full control of the government, this might get interesting.