Oligarchy now rules in the USA

Oligarchy now rules in the USA. By Roger Kimball.

Why are there some 21,000 troops and oodles of razor wire in Washington D.C.?

Really, it is an amazing, not to say an ominous, spectacle. As one Twitter wit put it, Donald Trump brought peace to the Middle East, Joe Biden brought war to Washington. …

One rigged election:

As the years go by, historians, if the censors allow them access to the documents and give them leave to publish their findings, will count the 2016 presidential election as the last fair and open democratic election.

Beginning with the election of 2020, the game was rigged.

I know, I know, we are not supposed to say that, and Twitter, Forbes, Facebook, and other woke guardians of the status quo will frown upon the suggestion.

But every honest person knows that the 2020 election was rigged.

The statistician William M. Briggs has a handy round-up of the evidence. He also makes the commonsense observation, “If a party cheats, and is in charge of investigating accusations of cheating, and if the media calls the cheating a conspiracy theory, and if the rulers move to expel those who question the cheating, as has already happened, then that party will win by virtue of its power.”

That, as he goes on to observe, “is the way power works.”

Noted. …

An oligarchy is a political system governed by a few people:

There are many lessons to be drawn from the 2020 election. The transformation of the United States of America from a republic into an oligarchy is a large and portentous lesson.

Of course, it didn’t happen all at once. These things take time. Even Vladimir Lenin needed several years to get rid of Kerensky and install his workers’ paradise.

People have been warning about the dangers of an unaccountable administrative state for many years. Rule by unelected bureaucrats and judges was not exactly what Alexander Hamilton and James Madison had in mind when they outlined the rudiments of the American political system. …

In our particular form of oligarchy, the people do have a voice, but it is a voice that is everywhere pressured, cajoled, shaped, and bullied. They have a choice, but only among a roster of approved candidates.

The central fact to appreciate about Donald Trump is that he was elected without the permission, and over the incredulous objections, of the woke oligarchy that governs us.

Representatives of that power tried for four years to destroy Donald Trump. The first mention of impeachment came mere minutes after his inauguration, an event that was met not only by a widespread Democratic boycott and hysterical claims by Nancy Pelosi and others that the election had been hijacked, but also by riots in Washington, D.C. that saw at least six policemen injured, numerous cars torched, and other property destroyed.

You will search in vain for media or Democratic denunciations of that violence or for bulletins from corporate America advising their customers of their solidarity with the woke ambassadors of the latest left-wing initiative.

What they say goes, regardless of how you actually vote.

And the inauguration is a show of military power to remind you that they have that power.