The anti-white racist culture of the left

The anti-white racist culture of the left. By Rod Dreher.

Here is a recent shot of the black sportscaster and media personality Jemele Hill, from her Instagram account:

… On that same Instagram thread, a white reader objected:

Jemele Hill replied:

Duly chastened, the white guy accepts the antiwhite racism, and thanks Hill for correcting him:

So here’s how that went down, in three acts:

  • Act 1: reasonable objection on basic liberal principles.
  • Act 2: pushback with patent exaggeration and unfalsifiable platitudes from a race bully.
  • Act 3: white persons cared of being called a racist, retreats to pathetic submission to ideological bully.

From my point of view, Chosen_Rosen22 ought to be ashamed of himself.

He has allowed someone to demean him on racial grounds, and accepted that he deserves to be.

More broadly, Jemele Hill and Chosen_Rosen22, as well as the business executives who make Hill’s career possible, are building a culture in which antiwhite racism is not only tolerated, but celebrated. A culture in which people are taught to take pleasure in the racial humiliation of others.

They must believe there will be no backlash here, that all white people are going to respond like the tame Chosen_Rosen22 will. I guess that’s because how all the white people in their circles do. But that’s not the whole country. …

I have to say that you Woke people — the ones in charge of institutions, in particular media institutions — you are making the conflict much worse.

You amplify racist antiwhite voices and messages, and you expect that this will have no effect? You expect every white person in the world to react to their demonization and dispossession meekly, accepting the place in the world that you have assigned for them?

Not going to happen. I’ve been saying for years in this space that the Woke Left is awakening demons that it cannot control. …

People on the Left and the Right should both be asking, before the shooting starts: Do we want to live in peace? Because if we do, then garbage like Jemele Hill’s performative antiwhite racism needs to go away, and go away fast. …

The fact that she can do this, and nobody in power notices or cares (in fact, she is rewarded for it), whereas any white person who came within a thousand million miles of mocking “black tears” or any such thing, would find himself cast into outer employment darkness — it tells you something about power in contemporary America.

White privilege, sure. Another politically-correct leftist fantasy that they believe in for fun and profit, and one-up-man-ship in their game of competitive virtue-signaling.

This nonsense is very dangerous in the real world.

hat-tip Stephen Neil