Our Mail-In Elective Dictator

Our Mail-In Elective Dictator. By Jim Bovard.

More than 65 million people voted by mail, providing the Biden victory margin. In Pennsylvania, a key swing state, Biden “won 3 of every 4 mail ballots” while “Trump won 2 of 3 votes cast in person, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported. While many mail-in ballots had been nullified for errors in previous years, almost none were invalidated this year.

The Trump campaign or Trump supporters filed a barrage of post-election lawsuits, almost all of which were dismissed on procedural grounds. Democrats claim the court rulings prove that no foul play occurred. But as publisher Conrad Black quipped, this is like saying, “I saw a dozen psychiatrists and none ordered a chest x-ray, so my lungs are healthy.” …

Biden is taking office at a time when more Americans believe in witches, ghosts and astrology than trust the federal government. Barely a quarter of Republican voters now trust U.S. elections. Despite the best efforts of the media to hallow Biden’s power, the controversies of the 2020 election continue to cast a cloud over his legitimacy.

Biden may also stumble badly out of the gate from the dreadful optics of his inauguration. Tens of millions of Americans who have not followed the latest announcements on the shutdowns of bridges to Washington will be appalled to see that Biden is speaking not to fellow citizens but to 190,000 flags surrounded by daunting fences. Only a smattering of Washington elite will be permitted to hear Biden.

Four years ago, the media relished Trump’s yammering about the size of his inauguration crowd. This time, the only question will be how many National Guard troops are deployed and how visible or aggressive they are. The media insists the massive lockdown and militarization is necessary to thwart “violent extremism” but the only person shot during the January 6 ruckus was an Air Force female veteran killed at point blank range by a Capitol policeman. …

After four years of endless howling that Trump was literally Hitler, his successor will take power with a level of suppression of dissent and a display of military force that may resemble an old-time Kremlin May Day Parade more than a traditional American inauguration.

Watch what they do, not what they say.

hat-tip Stephen Neil