Fearful and guilty after stealing the election: Disarm the troops!

Fearful and guilty after stealing the election: Disarm the troops! By Amuse.

Biden’s fears started with his Secret Service detail, he had every agent on the White House detail demoted as he worried about their loyalty to Trump. Democrats think that anyone who supports Trump is a very real threat. …

Even @SpeakerPelosi is fomenting fear by falsely claiming Republican members of Congress are planning to bring guns to the inauguration to intimidate and threaten the president-elect.

The Army has confirmed they’ve acquiesced to Biden’s demand for security screening for National Guard members who support President Trump.

Even the AP is reporting that there is a purge of Republican soldiers from the military underway to placate president-elect Biden.

The FBI has taken over vetting of the 25,000 troops. Any soldiers who believe there was election fraud are being referred for disciplinary action and removed from the Capitol.

Disciplined for believing there is election fraud? Believing in election fraud is now effectively outlawed in the USA. There is no actual law (which would be unconstitutional, obviously). But you will be cancelled, demoted, sacked, ostracized, belittled, etc. for saying it in many circumstances.


Not acting like a team that won Eighty Million votes.

Democrats have fed division so well they now don’t trust the National Guard. …

According to @amuse, the Biden transition team have confiscated their ammo, and wanted to ask who the Guard voted for. The insulting request was refused initially, though eventually, sadly, the Army acquiesced. …

It’s all Trumps fault of course. If only he hadn’t been so popular, all that cheating wouldn’t have been necessary.

The Democrats get to play the Victim card on the national spotlight, they add more loaded questions. And perhaps this horrible “vetting” process has a side “benefit”? It might work like the CCP brainwashing techniques. Getting guards to publicly state who they voted for (or lie about it) might work. If people do it often enough they might start to believe they really did vote for Biden and that the claims of voter fraud were “baseless”.

But even if that doesn’t work, many members of the National Guard will be that much warier next week to say who they voted for.

Welcome to the world of Democrat Healing.

Just like a communist dictatorship, only in Washington!

Purging the military is standard operating procedure for Stalinist regimes.

Tucker Carlson:

The troops are being asked to profess loyalty not to their country, but to a specific political party.

Congressman Steve Cohen just told us on CNN that every white man in this country is a potential murderer. Every white man in America should be under suspicion purely on the basis of being white and male of planning a presidential assassination. The National Guard troops, who are overwhelmingly white and male, must therefore undergo government background checks to prove they are not planning murder.