The Enveloping Censorship: American Thinker Closes Its Comments Section

The Enveloping Censorship: American Thinker Closes Its Comments Section.

American Thinker is a conservative blog that we’ve quoted many times on the Wentworth Report. A few days ago they closed their comments section, saying:

It is news to almost nobody who reads American Thinker that a political witch hunt is underway. Parties in and out of government are looking for excuses to suppress and destroy voices that oppose the left.

Because AT lacks the ability to monitor comments in real time, and because our position that comments are a forum, not something we publish, is being called into question, we can no longer publish comments.

We take this action with a heavy heart.

Streiff at Red State:

We are keenly aware of the financial pressures the tech conglomerates can bring to bear on a website that produces content loathed by the SJWs these corporations seem to seek out and whose dysfunctional and anti-social behaviors they coddle.

How did this come about? A leftwing branch of the Karenwaffen called the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) trolled the comments sections of those two sites to find allegedly racist comments about BLM and the George Floyd demonstrations. With this, they got their allies at Google to shut down the cause of their wadded panties.

Just a couple of days ago, the same basic tactic was used by other actors against the gun-rights message board,, to get its web host, GoDaddy, to shut it down (see Amazon Partner GoDaddy Deplatforms the World’s Largest Gun Forum Website).

We know that we are being watched by people who are trying to build a case to shut down your ability to comment. It’s a fact. I’ve had comments screenshotted from here tossed at me on Twitter as evidence of our racism and desire for violence. I know there are agents provocateurs on the site who surface periodically to make blatantly racist comments and encourage violence and then circulate their own comments as though they had found it. There are others that are obvious mobys…lefties who spout the extreme stuff they think that conservative sites post. We ban those accounts as they are identified but we are constantly playing catch-up.

One bad comment can get a website cancelled by big tech. That must be irresistible to lefty trolls.

Btw, the reason that the WR does not have comments is simply that we don’t want to put in the time to moderate them to avoid trouble.

hat-tip Joanne