‘Trump Nation’ Numbers At Least 150 Million Americans

‘Trump Nation’ Numbers At Least 150 Million Americans. By Edward Ring.

“Getting rid of Trump is the easy part, cleansing the movement he commands is going to be something else.” — ABC News Political Director Rick Klein, in a tweet he later deleted.

This sums up the sentiments that inform America’s establishment media, its corporate elite, Big Tech, academia, most of the public sector, the entire Democratic Party, and most of the Republican Party leadership. What do we do with 74,222,593 people? How will we reeducate these troglodytic haters? How will we control these dangerous insurrectionists?

Despite virtually every powerful special interest lined up against them, this “cleansing” will indeed be tough. Because, first of all, we are not talking about 74 million Trump supporters. We’re talking about over 150 million Trump supporters. To say that only 74 million Americans support Trump rests on an impossible assumption: that every American who didn’t vote for Trump, or for Biden, automatically is supposed to have supported Biden. …

Alienating normals by the million:

Ideologues like ABC News’ Rick Klein, and his photogenic stooge, ABC News anchor David Muir, are playing with fire. Along with their counterparts across America’s entire media complex, conventional and online, they have stoked the flames of division and resentment. They have told so many lies, and have displayed such obvious bias, that nothing they say can be believed anymore. And the number of awakened people who don’t believe anything coming from sources like ABC is not 74 million. It’s well over 150 million. …

What America needs now is not a “cleansing” of Trump supporters. America needs a thorough reformation of voting laws across the country, combined with an acceptance of online freedom of speech. Sadly, the powers that be are doing the exact opposite.

But they are not alienating a small minority of clingers. They have already alienated at least 157 million people, and every time they tell another lie, or silence another voice, that number grows.