Do NOT Judge All Muslims, DO Judge All Republicans

Do NOT Judge All Muslims, DO Judge All Republicans. By Victory Girls.

Over the last 19 years since 9/11, with every act of bloody Islamist terrorism our betters in BigGov and BigMedia rushed to tell us that we cannot judge the vast majority of peaceful, law-abiding Muslims based on the horrible actions of a tiny minority, regardless of body count.

But a band of several dozen freaks, weirdos and extremists briefly occupy the Capitol and all Republicans, conservatives, minorities, et al, who voted for President Trump are, ipso facto, insurrectionists and traitors. …

Three thousand Americans dead on 9/11/2001 and a Islamist terrorism body count that included Fort Hood, the Boston Marathon bombing and 2015 San Bernardino terrorist attack. Yet no media ran articles on Islamic supremacism, no politician called for Muslims to renounce their core faith, even a growing social media did little to censor speech that excused, downplayed or outright supported this tiny minority. …

This goes beyond the usual political hypocrisy. They are taking your rights and making your life worse:

And don’t make the mistake of assuming this is just the usual political hypocrisy that grips Democrats and the Leftwing apparatchiks in BigMedia, BigAcademia and BigTech. This is about a huge consolidation of power to deprive WrongThinkers™ of their Constitutional rights (ala Reichstag Fire Decree).

BigTech has been especially busy kicking people out of the virtual public square for not being sufficiently with The Narrative, people are being fired, de-platformed, blacklisted and being doxxed to become targets of the Leftwing brownshirts of Antifa for the sin of supporting President Trump.