How did a horned Shamen end up representing the Christian right?

How did a horned Shamen end up representing the Christian right? By Joanne Nova.

It was the perfect PsyOp photo. With hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters to pick from, somehow the photo on every media front page last week was of Jake Angeli standing in The Capitol. Listen to him talk about his beliefs to ward off evil spirits and witches.

Try to think of an image designed to horrify middle America more than a hairy chested horned man with tats and bare nipples in a furry hunting hood? Perhaps a hooded storm-trooper with an AK47 smattered in blood. But that might be confused with Antifa.

Nothing says barbaric quite as well as an escapee from the neolithic. So once Angeli was inside the heart of Democracy, it’s no accident or conspiracy that the hate-media picked up his photo.

The question is, why was the door open to Mr Horns, but a bullet headed for the Air Force Vet?

How is it, that the path to the Speakers Chair was blocked from so many but not to the most toxic photo-op possible? If Ashli Babbitt was sitting in the chair instead, the Shock and Awe campaign wouldn’t have had much ammo.

It’s almost like a PR committee sat down to ask: “What photo do we want to associate Trump with to horrify good Americans?”

Imagine if Ashli Babbitt had been the face of the riot on the news instead. The “insurrection” would appear quite different, if led by a female patriot vet. People might ask hard questions. Instead we get a QAnon shaman wearing horns.

Somehow this weirdo became the face of the riot. This so helps the left, it seems too amazing to be just coincidence. If something is too good to be true, it usually is.

Governments of all stripes usually infiltrate groups they are concerned about. Perhaps a few Capitol police in on a plot to allow him easy access?