Covering up the Stolen Election

Covering up the Stolen Election. By Douglas Wilson.

If the election wasn’t stolen, then why are they handling it like it was stolen goods? From the way they are driving, they have something hot in the trunk. …

In an old-style coup, say in a banana republic in the 1950’s, the rebels would go for the seat of government, and also for the television and radio stations. Control of how information flows to the people is critical. It is the received wisdom of takeovers.

So in a time of turmoil like this, where reliable information is choked off, anyone who believes the latest hot rumor or conspiracy theory without double checking is a moron. And anyone who believes the official narrative surpasses him easily.

The official narrative will want to be that the country barely survived a vicious assault from hordes of white supremacists. And if you believe that, you have all the discernment of a five gallon wet/dry vacuum cleaner.

The official narrative is that Trump was the problem. No, Trump was the allergic reaction to the problem. The problem remains with us still. The problem looks to be back in charge.

Secularism is bankrupt. That’s why all of their checks are bouncing.

This violence at the Capitol was historically unprecedented, an assault unlike anything we have ever seen in those hallowed halls before. Except for when the dynamite went off in 1915, when four Puerto Rican nationalists opened fire from the gallery in the House in 1954, when the Weather Underground set off a bomb there in 1971, and when radical commies set off a bomb there in 1983. Other than those instances, the hallowed halls have been serene and peaceful.

These events have not been an assault on democracy. They have been an assault on the republic by democracy.

hat-tip Stephen Neil