Capitol Riot Used to Crush ‘The Big Lie’

Capitol Riot Used to Crush ‘The Big Lie’. By Julie Kelly.

On January 6, the day of the Capitol protest/riot/siege, Rasmussen released a poll that showed only a slight majority of Americans believe Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election fairly. Just 25 percent of Republicans and 52 percent of unaffiliated voters said that Biden’s election was on the square.

The poll’s results largely reflected the mood of the electorate and Republican lawmakers were getting an earful from constituents about congressional inaction. Finally, two months too late, a dozen Senate Republicans concocted a last-ditch plan to “audit” the election results before Inauguration Day, a move backed by most GOP voters and by the president.

It forewarned an ignominious start to the Biden-Harris Administration. Democrats, after suffering unexpected losses in the House and eking out the slimmest majority in the Senate, could hardly claim any sort of mandate with tens of millions of Americans questioning the validity of the national election. A public vetting in Congress, devoid of far-fetched claims peddled by shady operatives, exposing provable evidence of vote fraud, conducted days before the inauguration was the last thing Team Biden and the Democrats wanted.

Further, Republican-led state legislatures in swing states that flipped from Trump to Biden in 2020 also prepared to investigate various abuses tied to the majority mail-in election; lawmakers promised big changes in order to prevent another debacle in future elections.

Quick, change the subject. The left needed something really big to knock election fraud off the radar. How about an insurrection, with horned vikings invading the Congress building? Might do it.

But all of that likely is off the table, at least for the foreseeable future.

Thanks to a mob of lawless thugs, plans to further expose election illegalities and irregularities have been crushed.

What Joe Biden referred to last week as “The Big Lie,” the idea that the election was stolen from Donald Trump, will be a verboten topic of discussion by politicians, journalists, and rank-and-file Republicans.

The totalitarian company line is any suggestion that election fraud exists is tantamount to sedition.

Americans who dare doubt the results, a popular political sport for Democrats over the past four years, are now vilified as “insurrectionists” and plenty of our fellow countrymen want it punished accordingly. …

It worked!

The much-needed investigation into the 2020 election, one that even Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) last week admitted cannot become the “new norm,” won’t happen. A bipartisan commission proposed by Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.) will never see the light of day; it’s likely he will pull his bill at the risk of being labeled a seditionist. Major corporations en masse are announcing they won’t contribute to Republicans who supported challenging the election’s final certification.

State lawmakers undoubtedly will be bullied into submission.

But maybe it won’t work in the longer term:

But the justified belief held by tens of millions of Americans that the 2020 election was at the very least unfair or at worst stolen, won’t go away. In fact, the incendiary rhetoric about January 6 combined with widespread deplatforming is reason to bolster those fears.

The “big lie” is that the 2020 election was on the up-and-up; no amount of unpersoning will persuade half the country otherwise.

There needs to be a do-over election that everyone sees as free and fair, or at least a bipartisan investigation into election fraud. Ugly, ugly, ugly.